Broadband Study

Arlington County is conducting a broadband study to better understand our community's internet use and broadband access. The study will:

  • assess available broadband and digital inclusion resources
  • evaluate resident and business needs
  • explore broadband delivery models
  • identify strategies for increasing broadband resources

The study will help Arlington select and implement appropriate solutions to address the County's digital divide and ensure adequate and affordable broadband access across the County.

TeleconnectBack1.pngBroadband Resource Evaluation and Needs Assessment

Addresses the current state of broadband and digital inclusion in Arlington County and assesses the federal, state, and local tactics and tools currently available and their ability to eliminate any gaps. 

Report(PDF, 8MB) | Summary Slides(PDF, 1MB)  | Recorded Presentation  |  Online Comment Form


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Comparative Model Evaluation 

Assessed four different approaches to internet service delivery, including considerations for costs, risks and challenges, and how well they each meet existing and future community needs.

(PDF, 1MB)(PDF, 1MB)Report(PDF, 2MB) (PDF, 2MB) | Summary Slides(PDF, 689KB)  


BizLaunchBootcamp.jpgCase Studies and Strategic Recommendations

The final phase will identify recommendations and strategies the County should pursue. Anticipated in Winter 2024.



Frequently Asked Questions

Who is conducting the Broadband Study?

The County awarded the Broadband Study contract to Televate, who has partnered with Strategic Networks Group (SNG).


What specific questions will the Broadband Study answer?

The countywide study will focus on answering the following questions:

  • What is the extent and quality of broadband infrastructure in Arlington today?
  • Do the available broadband resources meet the County’s current and future needs? 
  • What is the nature and extent of the unserved/underserved population (related to access, adoption, affordability, internet quality, digital literacy, and device needs)?
  • What broadband speed is needed for long-term planning, and what is the most appropriate technology to facilitate the County’s needs?
  • What infrastructure development and internet service delivery options should be pursued, given the County’s available resources, existing and future community needs, and costs?

The full study scope is outlined in the Request for Proposals



What happens after the Broadband Study concludes?

Recommendations prepared by the consultants will be used administratively by staff, at the discretion of the County Manager, and may be used to inform future evaluation or to guide an implementation framework.