Transit Advisory Committee (TAC) Charter

Adopted July 2021


The Transit Advisory Committee will be established and its members appointed by the County Manager.


The Transit Advisory Committee will provide advice and recommendations to the County Manager on transit service, facilities, plans and policies, and budget issues that are specific to Arlington County. The Committee will help with Arlington County’s ongoing efforts to maintain and build an inclusive, open, and engaged environment where differences of beliefs, opinions, and values are integral to success.


The Committee will:

  1. Advise the County Manager on issues related to Metrorail, Metrobus, MetroAccess, Virginia Railway Express (VRE), Arlington Transit (ART), and Arlington STAR.
  2. Advise the Manager on the update and implementation of the Transit sections of the Arlington County Master Transportation Plan.
  3. Review and comment on transit-related aspects of other County plans and projects.
  4. Provide a forum for citizens to comment on County and regional transit issues and services.


The Committee will be made up of not more than 15 members appointed by the County Manager. Members will be residents of Arlington County or employed in the County. They will be expected to have a general knowledge of or professional interest in transit issues regarding the County. At least one member of the Committee should be a member or representative of the Arlington County Transportation Commission. At least one member of the Committee should be a member or representative of the Arlington County Disability Advisory Commission. At least one member should be a member or representative of the Arlington Commission on Aging. All members will serve at the pleasure of and can be removed from the Committee by the County Manager. Committee members are expected to participate regularly and will be subject to dismissal if attendance at regular meetings falls below 50% in one calendar year.

The Committee will designate a member to serve as Chair and Vice-Chair. The Chair and Vice-Chair will be responsible for reviewing meeting agendas, overseeing Transit Advisory Committee meetings and facilitating any official correspondence.


Members will be appointed to serve two-year terms. Members can be appointed at any time during the year, with the initial term ending on June 30 of the second year following the year of appointment. Members can be reappointed for additional terms.

Accessibility Subcommittee

The Committee will establish a subcommittee to meet separately and address issues of transit accessibility. The Accessibility Subcommittee will report to the Transit Advisory Committee on matters that require discussion or action by the full Committee.

Staff Liaison

An employee of the DES Division of Transportation will be named as the Staff Coordinator and will serve as staff liaison to the Committee. Other County staff will be called on to make presentations and lead discussions with the Committee as appropriate to the issues being considered.


The Committee will be expected to meet every other month or more often. The day and time of regular meetings will be designated by the Committee members.


The Committee will report its findings and recommendations on transportation issues to the County manager in writing. The Committee may also submit an annual report to the County Board as determined appropriate by the County Manager.


The Transit Advisory Committee will begin its work when the members have been appointed by the County Manager. The Manager may disband the Committee at any time.