Trespass Towing Advisory Board

Latest Updates from TTAB:

The County Board held a meeting on February 21, 2021 (see: to consider proposed changes to the County’s Towing Ordinance.

The updated ordinance can be found here:

The summary of changes adopted/considered by the County Board were as follows:

  1. Adopted various changes which reconcile the County’s Ordinance with Virginia Code
  2. Adopted enhanced consumer protections which:
    1. Simplifies the signage requirements with the intent of making signs easier to read and understand.
    2. Strengthens the requirements for storage facilities, providing that they must include lighting and a structure where payments can be received; as well as detailed signage or lists of all fees charged.
    3. Improves transparency and accountability for towing operators – including the addition of placards on trucks which show the costs of towing; adding email and postal addresses to receipts; and adding requirements that towing contracts and photographs be furnished upon request to the customer.
  3. Considered but did not approve proposed fee increases to the maximums permitted under state law.


The TTAB shall review the current ordinance and any provisions recommended for amendments to the ordinance and provide input and recommendation for the County Board’s consideration.  The TTAB shall meet at least once per year at the call of the Chair.

Filing a Trespass Towing Complaint
ACPD investigates all trespass towing complaints. If you believe your vehicle was towed in error, or that County regulations were not followed properly, you may ask ACPD to investigate. Submit our online form or call 703-228-4266.

Online Towing Complaint Form


The TTAB shall consist of seven (7) members.  The members shall be: three (3) representatives from the Police Department, three (3) representatives from the towing industry, and one (1) citizen representative.  All members serve at the pleasure of the County Board for three (3) year terms.

The Chairman shall be elected annually from among the voting members of the Advisory Board by a majority vote and shall rotate annually between a representative of a local law enforcement agency, a representative of a licensed towing and recovery operator, and one member of the general public.


  • Mr. Matt Chiste, Resident
  • Captain John Feden, Arlington County Police Department
  • Sergeant Kimberly Jones, Arlington County Police Department
  • Detective James Tuomey, Arlington County Police Department
  • Jeffrey Gattozzi, Towing and Recovery Operator
  • Mr. Al Leach, Towing and Recovery Operator
  • Mr. Fred Scheler, Towing and Recovery Operator


Previous County Board Action

Use the links below to read previous Board Reports regarding the County’s towing ordinance in our Archives, as well as view County Board consideration of these changes:

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