PROMISE Working Group

Group Charge

The Sports Commission establishes a Combating Hate in Sports Working Group (CHWG) as a standing working group to better understand the prevalence of racist and hateful conditions in Arlington sports and support youth sports leagues’ efforts to protect their participants from such conditions. The Working Group is directed to:

  • Collect information about the nature and extent of racist and hateful behavior in Arlington County youth sports activities;
  • Conduct research to identify best practices for deterring and addressing racist and hateful behavior in youth sports;
  • By no later than June 2022, develop a framework for youth sports leagues to consider in establishing league protocols for detecting, deterring, and addressing (including through restorative practices) racist and hateful behavior in youth sports; and
  • Identify and share information with youth sports leagues about resources for training their coaches, officials, and volunteers about unconscious biases and other relevant topics.
  • Advise the Commission on this topic over time, including ways the Commission can leverage its platform to raise awareness, support youth sports leagues, and help ensure that sports activities occur in a safe and respectful environment.


2022 Meeting Schedule

 Date Room Meeting Materials
 Jan. 11 Virtual
 Feb. Virtual  
 March Virtual  
 April 4 Virtual
 May 2 Virtual 
 June 13 Virtual

2021 Meetings

 Date Room Meeting Materials
Jan. 7 Virtual
Feb. Virtual  
March Virtual  
April Virtual  
May Virtual   
June Virtual  
July Virtual  
Aug. Virtual   
Sept. 13 Virtual
Oct.  Virtual   
Nov. 11 Virtual
Dec. 7 Virtual 


The working group meets at 7 p.m. at Lubber Run Community Center.  Virtual options may be available.