LRPC Subgroups

The Long Range Planning Committee (LRPC) of the Planning Commission provides comments and recommendations on tasks and processes related to land use & urban design, long range plans, the Comprehensive Plan, and the General Land Use Plan.

Members of the LRPC are Planning Commission members, unless the matter being reviewed warrants a specific LRPC Subgroup as a distinct public body, including members of the Commission (one who will serve as Chair of the subgroup) and representatives of other advisory commissions and the broader community.

LRPC Subgroups are established and scheduled when:

  • A specific project scope anticipates LRPC as the main convener for engagement
  • LRPC and other stakeholder groups are specifically invited to participate in LRPC meetings
  • Multiple meetings over time may be needed to fulfill the project scope

The roster of each LRPC subgroup is determined by the LRPC project chair based on the needs of a particular project and adopted by the Planning Commission at their monthly public hearings. Subgroup membership may not change during the course of a project unless the adopted LRPC subgroup roster is amended by the Planning Commission. At least one alternate member should be designated in case the named designee is unable to attend. Only those members listed on the membership roster may participate at LRPC meetings. Participants that are not on the membership roster must wait until public comment in order to speak.

For any committee Sub-Group created by the Commission, the Commission shall approve or adopt the roster of that Sub-Group at a monthly Commission meeting prior to the first meeting of that Sub-Group. If the representative (and alternate, if applicable) for a stakeholder group on an adopted roster are unable to attend an LRPC or SPRC sub-group meeting, the chair or president of the respective organization may designate, in writing to the Sub-Group Chair, an additional alternate from the same organization with the same powers and authority as a representative or alternate on an adopted roster. Whenever an alternate from a Commission is identified in this manner, they may count towards meeting quorum.

Name and email addresses of LRPC Subgroup members will be published on the County website. A quorum of three members, including one planning commissioner, must attend in-person to allow other subgroup members to participate remotely.


LRPC sub-group membership may include representatives from the following organizations: 


  • Planning Commissioners (all members)
    • A Commission member will be designated as the Chair of the sub-group (1 member)
  • Transportation Commission (1 member)
  • Housing Commission (1 member)
  • Park and Recreation Commission (1 member)
  • Forestry and Natural Resources Commission (1 member)
  • Historical Affairs and Landmark Review Board (1 member)
  • Disability Advisory Commission (1 member)
  • Economic Development Commission (1 member)
  • Climate Change, Energy and Environment Commission (1 member)
  • Pedestrian Advisory Committee (PAC) (1 member)
  • Host Civic Association (1 member)
  • Civic Association(s), Condominium Owner’s Association(s), and Homeowner’s Association(s) directly abutting the site or study area (1 member for each applicable group)
  • Other representatives as may be warranted on a case-by-case basis, including but not limited to:
    • Other County Board and/or County Manager appointed committees or commissions
    • Other citizen representatives or representatives from other stakeholder groups that may have an interest in the specific project
    • Alternate members (to participate in the absence of a primary sub-group member)