Equal Employment Opportunity Advisory Committee (EEOAC)

Arlington’s Equal Employment Opportunity (EEO) Policy prohibits discrimination against all parties in the workplace. It ensures that all job applicants — regardless of race, gender or ethnicity — have a fair opportunity in the hiring process, as well as in competing for promotions and accessing professional development opportunities. The Policy is specifically designed to increase the representation of minorities and women at all levels in the Arlington County workforce. To oversee effective implementation of the Policy, the County Board created an Equal Employment Opportunity Advisory Committee as a standing committee of the Arlington Human Rights Commission.

Primary Responsibilities of the Committee include, but are not limited to:

  • Advise County Board on equal employment opportunity issues
  • Ensure EEO initiatives are in compliance with provisions of EEO Policy, the Affirmative Action Plan and relevant statutes and legislation
  • Stimulate community interest and participation in EEO objectives
  • Conduct joint annual reviews, in consultation with appropriate bodies and staff, and propose recommendations on issues within County workplaces
  • Liaise with other interested advisory committees to review items of EEO interest
  • Submit an annual report to the County Board within 60 days after close of each fiscal year outlining Committee activities


The committee is composed of five, seven, nine or 11 members – this number is determined by the Human Rights Commission at the beginning of each calendar year. The Vice-Chair of the Human Rights Commission chairs the committee. The majority of Committee members must be members of the Human Rights Commission, and the balance is employees appointed by the Arlington County Manager.


  • Walter Sargent, Chair (Citizen)
  • Bill Rice, (Citizen)
  • Steven Krieger (Citizen)
  • Ifiok Ibanga (Employee Representative)
  • Cynthia Liccese-Torres (Employee Representative)


The Committee meets no less than two times but no more than four times per year on dates determined by the committee. The County Manager provides staff support. All meetings will be conducted virtually until further notice.