Assessment of FBC Architectural Standards


County staff are in the process of assessing whether any changes are necessary to the architectural standards in the Columbia Pike Form Based Codes.  Staff will be engaging various stakeholder groups over the next few months in an effort to assess the status of architecture along Columbia Pike following the approval of 17 major redevelopment projects since 2003.

Study Approach

This analysis will be comprised of three phases:

  1. Information Gathering:
    • Review of comparable development in the metropolitan D.C. area
    • Review of other form based codes with approved/complete projects
    • Survey of development community with previous experience with Columbia Pike FBC
  2. Analysis:
    • Tabulation of feedback from stakeholders
    • Analysis of survey results from development community
  3. Recommendations:
    • Regroup with stakeholders to share findings
    • Verify if any changes to the FBC are warranted