FNRC past meetings

2020 Meetings

Name Agenda Minutes Presentations Letters & Actions
Jan. 23 Agenda Minutes
Feb. 27 Agenda Minutes Key Bridge Marriott
FY 2021 DPR Proposed Budget Overview (Urban Forestry)
Missing Middle Housing Study Scope of Work
FY21 Budget
Key Bridge Marriott
Missing Middle
May 28 CANCELLED CANCELLED UFC Permanent Continuity of Government Ordinance changes to SPRC and LRPC process
July 23 Agenda Minutes Metropolitan Park Park Master Plan
Aug. 27 Agenda Minutes Deer in Arlington Zoning Ordinance and Tree Canopy
Legislative Session 2021
Sept. 24 Agenda Minutes Green Building Incentive Policy Update
Oct. 22 Agenda Minutes UFC Green Building Incentive Policy letter


UFC Deer Management letter

Nov. 19 Agenda Minutes Tree Canopy Technologies
Dec. 17 Agenda Minutes

2019 Meetings

Name Agenda Minutes Presentations Letters & Actions
Jan. 24 Agenda Minutes Draft bicycle element update


Draft Chesapeake Bay guidance manual changes

2018 Report and 2019 Work Plan


Bicycle Element of the Master Transportation Plan

Feb. 28 Agenda Minutes Notable Trees


FY 2020 proposed budget overview

Chesapeake Bay Ordinance Statistics

Public Spaces Master Plan Final Draft
Mar. 28 Agenda Minutes Detached Accessory Dwellings FY20 Budget
Accessory Dwelling Units
April 25 Agenda Minutes DPR PDD and PNR Collaboration
May 23 Agenda Minutes
June 27 Agenda Minutes Housing Conservation Districts
Dawn Redwood response
July 25 Agenda Minutes Community Energy Plan
Tree Biology
Community Energy Plan
Energy state legislation
Legislative agenda recommendations 2020
Sept. 26 Agenda Minutes Site plan processes
Oct. 24 Agenda Minutes Stormwater Projects Update Recommendation letter for APS projects and tree planting timing
Nov. 21 Agenda Minutes Crystal Houses 3
Mountain Biking in Parks
Comprehensive Tree Legislation
Met Park 6, 7, 8
Dec. 19 Agenda Minutes Advocacy in Arlington County 2019 Report and 2020 Work Plan

2018 Meetings

Name Agenda Minutes Presentations Letters
Jan. 25 Agenda Minutes UFC 2017 Report and 2018 Work Plan
Feb. 22 Agenda Minutes FY18 Tree Canopy update
Notable Tree Presentation
Red Cross Site Plan
Mar. 22 Agenda Minutes Four Mile Run Valley Draft Policy Framework Presentation Budget Fiscal Year 2019
April 26 Agenda Minutes
May 24 Agenda Minutes Existing Regulatory Framework
June 28 Agenda Minutes Biophilic Cities Dawn Redwood at 3260 N Ohio St.
July 26 Agenda Minutes Four Mile Run Valley
Upton Hills Regional Park
Sept. 27 Agenda Minutes Permitting Process
POPS Final Draft update
Virginia Hospital Center Expansion
Oct. 25 Agenda Minutes Reed School
Northern Virginia Conservation Trust
Reed School
Dec. 20 Agenda Minutes Bicycle element of the Master Transportation Plan

2017 Meetings

Name Agenda Minutes Presentations Letters
Jan. 26 Agenda Minutes
Feb. 23 Agenda Minutes Budget Fiscal Year 2018
Mar. 23 Agenda Minutes

Chesapeake Bay Preservation Ordinance tree preservation credit study

New Elementary School at Thomas Jefferson Site
April 27 Agenda Minutes RPA Map update(PDF, 3MB)
Donaldson Run Tributary B
Benjamin Banneker Park
May 25 Agenda Minutes Vegetation, Powerlines, and Utility
Resource Protection Map Update
June 22 Agenda Minutes Forest Buffers and Stormwater
July 27 Agenda Minutes DPR Stormwater Management BMPs Lubber Run Community Center
Sept. 28 Agenda Minutes South Park
Accessory Dwellings
Oct. 26 Agenda Minutes Accessory Dwelling Units
South Park
Nov. 16 Agenda Minutes Tree Canopy Fund Report
Dec. 21 Agenda Minutes Upton Hill Regional Park Improvements Tree Canopy Fund Report

2016 Meetings

Name Agenda Meeting Summary
Jan. 28 Agenda Meeting summary
Feb. 25 Agenda Meeting summary
March 24 Agenda Meeting summary
April 28 Agenda Meeting summary
May 26 Agenda Meeting summary
June 23 Agenda Meeting summary
July 28 Agenda Meeting summary
September 22 Agenda Meeting summary
October 27 Agenda Meeting Summary
November 17 Agenda Meeting Summary
December 15 Agenda Meeting Summary


2015 Meetings

Name Agenda Meeting Summary
Jan. 22 Agenda Meeting summary
Feb. 26 Agenda Meeting summary
March 26 Agenda Meeting summary
April 23 Agenda Meeting summary
May 28 Agenda Meeting summary
June 25 Agenda Meeting summary
July 23 Agenda Meeting summary
September 24 Agenda Meeting summary
October 22 Agenda Meeting Summary
November 19 Agenda Meeting Summary
December 17 Agenda Meeting Summary

2014 Meetings

Name Agenda Meeting Summary
Jan. 23 Agenda Meeting summary
Feb. 27 Agenda Meeting summary
March 27 Agenda Meeting summary
April 24 Agenda Meeting summary
May 22 Agenda Meeting summary
June 26 Agenda Meeting summary
July 24 Agenda Meeting summary
September 25 Agenda Meeting summary(PDF, 176KB)
October 23 Agenda Meeting Summary
November 20 Agenda Meeting Summary
December 18 Agenda Meeting Summary

2013 Meetings

Name Agenda/Minutes Meeting Summary
Jan. 24 Agenda Meeting summary
Feb. 28 Agenda Meeting summary
Mar. 28 Agenda Meeting summary
Apr. 25 Agenda Meeting summary
May 23 Agenda Meeting summary
Jun. 27 Agenda Meeting summary
Jul. 25 Agenda Meeting summary
Sept. 26 Agenda Meeting summary
Oct. 24 Agenda Meeting summary
Nov. 21 Agenda Meeting summary
Dec. 29 Agenda Meeting summary