Field Fund Working Group

Field Fund Working Group Timeline

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Date Agenda Meeting Materials
9/30/2020 Agenda Meeting 1 Presentation
10/21/2020 Agenda Meeting 2 Presentation
11/05/2020 Youth League Check-In Youth Sports Notes
11/11/2020 Agenda November Meeting Notes
12/9/2020 Agenda Meeting 4 Presentation
December Meeting Notes
1/13/2021 Meeting 5 Presentation
January Meeting Notes
*No further meetings are scheduled


Group Charge

  • Examine fee setting methodology for recently set DPR fees including: The Long Bridge Aquatics & Fitness Center Membership Fees, the Pool Use Fee implemented by DPR in FY 2020, and current gymnastics and swimming team fees.
  • Examine details of these fees including their structure and levels and make recommendations on factors to be considered when setting these fees including hours of field use, field type, and length of seasons.
  • Examine the previous implementation of field fund projects and assess their impact on athletic fields and field users.
  • Complete benchmarking of neighboring jurisdictions and peer cities used in the Public Spaces Master Plan (PSMP) to determine if current fees assessed are comparable with regional and national trends.
  • Study field use time by recreation and travel players and determine if a sliding fee scale is appropriate for different age groups and uses.
  • Study field use time during the year and determine the number and duration of “seasons” for which fees should be assessed to Arlington sports leagues
  • Following examination of previous field fund implementations, recommend uses of funds collected from the player assessment fee, and their impact on athletic fields and field users.
  • Determine the most effective implementation of funds collected from the player assessment fee with a mind towards increasing field maintenance levels in Arlington.
  • Establish new player assessment fees or recommend no change in current fee levels.
  • Establish criteria for implementation of the field fund in the future.