Community Oversight Board in Law Enforcement

Arlington County Community Oversight Board  

NOTE: formerly referenced as Civilian Review Board

On July 21, 2021, the Arlington County Board established the Community Oversight Board (COB) and Independent Policing Auditor position. In an effort to improve transparency, accountability, and community trust in the Arlington County Police Department, the COB will have the ability to independently receive, investigate, and make recommendations in response to complaints from the community. The ordinance also calls for an accompanying Independent Policing Auditor to support the work of the Community Oversight Board.

The Oversight Board consists of seven voting members and two non-voting members with prior experience in law enforcement. All COB members are residents of Arlington, are appointed by the County Board, and reflect the demographic diversity of the County. The COB members were appointed on March 22nd, 2022, and are currently planning to begin work in September, 2022.

Name  Term Expiration
 Garry Dean  March 31, 2026
 Lisa Ortiz  March 31, 2026
 David Smith  March 31, 2026
 Sasha Ridley  September 30, 2023 
 Martin Ennis-Osorio  September 30, 2023 
 Anika Montgomery  September 30, 2023 
 Julie Evans  September 30, 2023 
 Gary Coffey  March 31, 2026
 James Miller  March 31, 2026


Meetings and Meeting Materials:

2022 Meetings

May 10th, 2022

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Or call in (audio only)
+1 347-973-6905 
Phone Conference ID: 379 445 719# 

April 11th, 2022


Next Steps:
Spring 2022: 
  • Within 30 days of appointment, COB members meets for the first time to begin establishing practices and procedures, bylaws, and fulfilling training requirements
  • Recruit and appoint Independent Policing Auditor
  • Begin MOU drafting process
Summer 2022:
  • MOU Execution
  • Finish establishing practices, procedures, and bylaws
  • Complete training requirements
Fall 2022:
  • Pass Readiness Resolution indicating COB is prepared to begin its work
Background Materials:
Police Practices Group 

In 2019, the County Manager launched a 15 member Police Practices Group (PPG) in July 2020. The PPG divided into four subcommittees to address key issues of importance, one of which was a subcommittee charged with evaluating what type of civilian oversight of its police department Arlington County should implement. The Civilian Review Board (CRB) subcommittee focused on reviewing the different models of civilian oversight available as well as what authority and responsibilities the recommended civilian oversight body should possess. 

PPG Products related to Civilian Review Board 
  • Literature Review (PPG Subcommittee on Civilian Review Board-Fall 2020)
Virginia State Legislation
  • SB 5035, 1st Spec. Sess. (Va. 2020).
  • SB 5055, 1st. Spec. Sess. (Va. 2020).
Materials Related to CRB in Other Jurisdictions
Presentation Materials Provided to PPG Subcommittee on CRB