BOE Meetings 2021

2021 Hearing Schedule

Live Meetings:  *Starting August 1, 2020.  BOE Meetings will no longer be broadcast and only take place via Microsoft Teams. Links and conference numbers for meetings can be found within the respective meeting agendas.

Meeting Agenda* Minutes Virtual Video
May 18 May 18 BOE Agenda Minutes Watch
May 19 May 19 BOE Agenda Minutes Watch
May 25 May 25 BOE Agenda Minutes Watch
May 26 May 26 BOE Agenda Minutes Watch
June 1 June 1 BOE Agenda Minutes Watch
June 2 June 2 BOE Agenda Minutes(PDF, 330KB) Watch
June 8 June 8 BOE Agenda Minutes(PDF, 322KB) Watch
June 9 June 9 BOE Agenda Minutes(PDF, 334KB) Watch
June 15 June 15 BOE Agenda Minutes(PDF, 302KB) Watch
June 16 June 16 BOE Agenda Minutes(PDF, 310KB) Watch
June 22 June 22 BOE Agenda(PDF, 220KB) Minutes(PDF, 320KB) Watch
June 23 June 23 BOE Agenda(PDF, 234KB) Minutes(PDF, 321KB) Watch
June 29 June 29 BOE Agenda(PDF, 210KB) Minutes(PDF, 324KB) Watch
June 30 June 30 BOE Agenda(PDF, 209KB) Minutes(PDF, 318KB) Watch
July 7 July 7 BOE Agenda(PDF, 208KB) Minutes(PDF, 309KB) Watch
July 13 July 13 BOE Agenda(PDF, 205KB) Minutes(PDF, 351KB) Watch
July 20 July 20 BOE Agenda(PDF, 207KB) Minutes(PDF, 322KB) Watch
July 21 July 21 BOE Agenda(PDF, 204KB) Minutes(PDF, 325KB) Watch
July 28 July 28 BOE Agenda(PDF, 206KB) Minutes(PDF, 321KB) Watch
August 3 August 3 BOE Agenda(PDF, 229KB) Minutes(PDF, 353KB) Watch
August 4 August 4 BOE Agenda(PDF, 233KB) Minutes(PDF, 353KB) Watch
August 10 August 10 BOE Agenda(PDF, 205KB) Minutes(PDF, 352KB) Watch
August 11 August 11 BOE Agenda(PDF, 205KB) Minutes(PDF, 175KB) Watch
August 17 August 17 BOE Agenda(PDF, 206KB) Minutes(PDF, 338KB) Watch 
August 18 August 18 BOE Agenda(PDF, 210KB) Minutes(PDF, 167KB) Watch
August 25 August 25 BOE Agenda(PDF, 246KB) Minutes(PDF, 337KB) Watch
September 8 September 8 BOE Agenda(PDF, 208KB) Minutes(PDF, 342KB)  Watch
September 14 September 14 BOE Agenda(PDF, 208KB) Minutes(PDF, 361KB)  Watch
September 15 September 15 BOE Agenda(PDF, 208KB) Minutes(PDF, 344KB)  Watch
September 22 September 22 BOE Agenda(PDF, 208KB) Minutes (PDF, 343KB)  Watch
September 29  September 29 BOE Agenda(PDF, 206KB)  Minutes (PDF, 356KB)  Watch
October 5  October 5 BOE Agenda(PDF, 205KB) Minutes(PDF, 340KB)  Watch
October 6 October 6 BOE Agenda(PDF, 205KB) Minutes(PDF, 338KB)  Watch
October 12 October 12 BOE Agenda (PDF, 206KB) Minutes(PDF, 350KB) Watch
October 13 October 13 BOE Agenda (PDF, 231KB) Minutes(PDF, 377KB)  Watch
October 19  October 19 BOE Agenda(PDF, 206KB) Minutes(PDF, 416KB)  Watch
October 20  October 20 BOE Agenda(PDF, 206KB)  Minutes(PDF, 381KB)  Watch
October 26 October 26 BOE Agenda(PDF, 186KB) Minutes(PDF, 361KB)  Watch
October 27 October 27 BOE Agenda(PDF, 208KB) Minutes (PDF, 353KB)  Watch