Employment Policies


New employees start work within the pay range specified in their announcement. Periodic step increases — up to the range’s maximum — may be given to employees with satisfactory performance.

Merit System Ordinance

Employees in departments under the County Manager’s direction are in the Competitive Service and work under a Merit System Ordinance — a merit-based employee plan for appointment, promotion and separation.

Eligibility for Employment

Newly hired employees must prove their identity and U.S. work eligibility.

Background Check

Newly selected employees must go through a background check and may have to sign an authorization release for Arlington to obtain their background information, which may include:

  • Criminal record
  • Driving record
  • Education
  • Professional licenses
  • Credit history

Probationary Period

As part of the examination procedure, newly appointed permanent employees and promoted employees serve a probationary period, as noted on their announcement.

Social Security and Workers’ Compensation

The Social Security Act’s Old-Age and Survivors and Disability Insurance Benefits section and the State Workers Compensation Act cover all employees.

Promotion Pay Rule

Promoted employees either will be paid the higher grade’s closest step to at least a 10 percent pay increase or at the higher grade’s minimum rate — whichever is greater. Salaries cannot go above the new grade’s maximum.

Reasonable Accommodation

Physically or mentally disabled applicants may request reasonable accommodation throughout the employment-selection process. Request examples include:

  • Submitting an alternatively formatted employment application
  • Requesting a qualified interpreter or reader to take an oral or written examination
  • Providing auditory or visual-assistance devices, Braille or audiotape

Requests for reasonable accommodation can be made by:

  • Contacting the human resource analyst responsible for the recruitment
  • Submitting the Request for Reasonable Accommodation Form

Smoking Policy

Arlington prohibits smoking in all County facilities and work spaces except in specifically designated areas authorized by the County Manager.

Direct Deposit

All new employees receive direct-deposit pay to their bank account.

Safety and Security

Each employee must wear a County-issued identification card. If applicable, employees may also be required to wear personal protective equipment while on the job.

Competitive Service Employment Discrimination Appeal Procedures

Applicants who are not current county employees and believe they have been discriminated against in the employment process may:

  • Contact the county EEO investigator in the Human Rights Commission Office at 703-228-3929 and/or
  • Appeal in writing to the Civil Service Commission (call 703-228-3966)

Applicants who are current county employees may:

  • Contact the EEO investigator and/or
  • File a grievance in accordance with Administrative Regulation 2.7, Chapters 12 & 19 (Employees with questions about the grievance procedure or personnel policies and procedures may contact the employee advisor at 703-228-7054.)

Employment discrimination appeals to the Civil Service Commission and grievance-procedure initiations must occur within 20 calendar days of the event giving rise to the appeal.