Sheriff Announces Newsletter, Reinforcing Commitment to Safety

Published on January 11, 2024

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ARLINGTON, Va. — Arlington County Sheriff Jose Quiroz is pleased to announce the launch of a quarterly Sheriff’s Office newsletter, aimed at fostering transparency and communication with the residents of Arlington. This new initiative helps to underscore the Sheriff's Office's commitment to three fundamental pillars: fostering a safe and rehabilitative environment within the detention facility, strengthening community relationships through active engagement, and prioritizing the wellness and professional growth of the sheriff's esteemed staff.

Safe and Rehabilitative Jail: A focus on rehabilitation within the correctional facility is paramount. The Sheriff's Office is dedicated to implementing innovative programs and resources aimed at fostering rehabilitation and reintegration for inmates. This initiative not only ensures safety within the detention facility but also seeks to transform lives and contribute to a safer community upon re-entry.

Community Engagement: Building trust and meaningful connections with the community is crucial. The sheriff's office is devoted to cultivating partnerships, hosting community events, and engaging in open dialogue to better understand and address the needs and concerns of the community. The goal is to foster a collaborative relationship between the sheriff’s office and the community to ensure a safer and more cohesive environment for all.

Staff Wellness and Professional Development: The wellness of staff extends beyond physical health. The Sheriff's Office fosters open and transparent internal conversations to address wellness for the agency as a whole. The Sheriff actively advocates for staff, ensuring their well-being through comprehensive wellness programs and continuous professional development opportunities.

"By prioritizing staff wellness and supporting open dialogue, we empower our personnel to serve those incarcerated and the community effectively with skill, compassion, and resilience. I remain resolute in our office’s dedication to serving and safeguarding our community. We invite all residents to stay connected through our newsletter as we embark on this journey together towards a safer, more engaged, and thriving community," said Sheriff Jose Quiroz.

Visit to learn more about the Arlington County Sheriff’s Office and to subscribe to the new quarterly community newsletter.

About Arlington County Sheriff’s Office

The Arlington County Sheriff’s Office (ACSO) is a Nationally Accredited Law Enforcement Agency located in Northern Virginia. The ACSO has approximately 280 employees, both deputy sheriffs and civilian staff, who serve a population of 237,300 county residents. Arlington Deputy Sheriffs performs duties in corrections, inmate transportation, civil process service, and courtroom/courthouse security.

For more information, please visit or connect with the Sheriff's Office on Facebook, Instagram, LinkedIn and Twitter.

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