Commonwealth’s Attorney Releases Report on Explosion at N. Burlington

Published on June 07, 2024

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Arlington, VA: On Friday, June 7, 2024, the Office of the Commonwealth’s Attorney is releasing a report regarding the explosion at 844 N. Burlington St. that occurred on Dec. 4, 2023. The report concludes that there is no basis for criminal charges against the officers of the Arlington County Police Department. 


In addition to providing the legal analysis for our decision that there was no criminal conduct on the part of ACPD, the report also offers a detailed, nearly minute-by-minute, independent factual timeline of the events of Dec. 4, from the moment the first officer arrived on the scene until the explosion occurred. We do so because we believe the community deserves a full and transparent account of the circumstances that led to an explosion in one of our neighborhoods.

To this end, our Office worked closely with the Critical Incident Response Team and the Fire Marshal; reviewed extensive body-worn camera footage and other video footage; conducted independent interviews; and engaged an independent expert in fire and explosion science.

This report does not analyze or comment upon questions regarding ACPD policies or best practices—those issues are best left to the Independent Policing Auditor and the Community Oversight Board—nor does this report address questions of civil liability, which are best left to the courts.

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