County Board Affirms Support of LGBTQ+ Community After Recent Threat

Published on April 09, 2024

This past Saturday, Freddie’s Beach Bar received a bomb threat via email for both the establishment and the home of the owner, Freddie Lutz, over a story time drag performance. Protestors also gathered outside of Freddie’s during the performance.

The Arlington County Police Department (ACPD) takes these types of threats seriously and responds promptly to reports. An investigation into this incident is ongoing. 

Arlington County and the County Board unequivocally support the LGBTQ+ community. ACPD's swift response ensured the safety of patrons and staff, and the fortitude of Freddie and drag queen Tara Hoot allowed the show to go on. With protests, threats, and violence targeting the LGBTQ+ community – and drag shows in particular – on the rise across the country, expressions of hatred and bigotry have absolutely no place in our community, and the Arlington County Board condemns these threats of violence and attempted intimidation of our community.

Freddie’s represents the very best of Arlington’s values as an establishment that prides itself on creating a safe and welcoming space for the LGBTQ+ community and allies by centering love over hate, understanding over unacceptance, and empathy over bigotry.

The Board, like Freddie’s, remains committed to ensuring Arlington remains a safe, welcoming, and inclusive place for our LGBTQ+ community. 

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