Arlington to Secure Property at 1401 Langston Blvd.

Published on May 31, 2024

The property at 1401 Langston Blvd. has been declared to be a public nuisance by Arlington County’s Building Official, due to its unsafe and unsanitary conditions. A Notice of Violation was issued on May 17, 2024, ordering the property owner to immediately secure the building against entry and subsequently raze the building.

Arlington County has assumed the responsibility to immediately secure the building against entry. If the timelines specified in the Notice of Violations are not met, Arlington will also assume responsibility to raze the property.

Arlington County will employ a “whole of government” approach to return the property to a safe and secure status. In the coming weeks, community members can expect to see increased County presence and activity, including: 

  • Additional security apparatuses (fencing, exterior lighting, cameras, etc.) and construction equipment
  • 4 additional security guards on site to enforce trespassing.
  • Increased Police patrol
  • Cleaning of exterior grounds, regular landscaping maintenance, and trash removal
  • Boarding-up all open windows and doors throughout the property
  • Outreach teams offering services to anyone found on the property


The property at 1401 Langston Blvd., formerly the key Bridge Marriott was purchased in 2018 by KBLH LLC (a subsidiary of Los Angeles-based Woodridge Capital Partners). In March 2020, the County Board approved a site plan project from KBLH to partially demolish and renovate the existing hotel and construct two new residential buildings. The property owner has not proceeded with the project, and the property has fallen into disrepair. This has led to issues with trespassing, unsafe conditions, and public health and safety concerns.

In March 2023, Arlington County’s Building Official deemed the property unsafe and unfit for habitation and condemned the building. At that time, the property owner assumed responsibility and agreed to an action plan with the County, which included securing the property against entry and removing all trash, debris, furniture, and accelerants. Over the past year, it has become clear the property owner has not complied with its obligation.