West Glebe Road Bridge Project Marks Completion

Published on September 13, 2023

west glebe road bridge ribbon cutting

A reconstructed West Glebe Road Bridge has again brought Arlington and Alexandria closer together. 

County and City officials held a ribbon-cutting Tues., Sept. 12, 2023, to mark completion of the $9.89 million project following a thorough replacement of the deteriorated roadway substructure. Construction lasted from May 2022 and was completed in July.

The bridge, dating back to 1956, is a vital connection over Four Mile Run for pedestrians and bicyclists, as well as heavy auto traffic, between Arlington and Alexandria.

Replacement of the West Glebe Road Bridge had been proposed almost two decades ago but became a top priority in 2018 when, during a routine inspection, engineers found advanced decay and imposed a 5-ton vehicle weight limit.

“With these lasting improvements, the West Glebe Road Bridge will continue to ensure connectivity across our communities for hopefully another 67 years or more,” Christian Dorsey, Chair of the Arlington County Board said. “I’m excited that I can officially say that the West Glebe Road Bridge is fully open to multimodal transportation – we welcome those traveling by foot, vehicle, bike, or scooter to utilize this new and improved bridge.”

The reconstructed bridge features new wider sidewalks, designated bike lanes, improved lighting and unique side arcs and patterns, inspired by the natural surroundings, as designed by artist Vicki Scuri.

The bridge’s original piers were incorporated into the reconstruction, lowering costs and impact on the watershed. Arlington and Alexandria shared costs of the project. The reconstructed bridge incorporates materials designed to withstand extreme weather.

“The West Glebe Road bridge is a vital part of a major roadway connecting Alexandria and Arlington,” said Justin Wilson, Mayor of the City of Alexandria. “The completion of this reconstruction project means safer, more efficient travel for residents and visitors in both jurisdictions.”

To learn more about the project, visit the West Glebe Road Bridge Reconstruction project page. 

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