Sheriff's Office Announces High Tech Approach to Inmate Safety

Published on May 10, 2023


Sheriff Jose Quiroz announces the launch of a pilot program with Silicon Valley Company 4Sight Labs to track the vital signs of individuals in custody, becoming the first sheriff’s office in the area to use the technology as an additional tool, adding a layer of protection and safety in the Arlington County Detention Facility (ACDF).

Designed to check the heart rate and respiration of incarcerated individuals, the biometric sensor, "Custody Protect," will alert deputies, supervisors and medical staff through an application on an agency-issued smartphone, tablet, and computer dashboard if a medical emergency arises.

The Arlington County Sheriff’s Office (ACSO) will do a limited rollout this month with their most vulnerable inmate population housed in the medical unit; those with underlying conditions, a possible background of mental health issues, and possible withdrawal concerns from alcohol and/or drug use. The current goal is to get the medical unit outfitted and operational, and then consider expanding to the rest of the detention facility.

"Safety and security are at the forefront when it comes to our deputies and staff, those incarcerated, and those in the Arlington community," said Sheriff Jose Quiroz. "These biometric devices will give us another tool to proactively monitor an inmate’s health, to detect a potential problem and immediately have on-site medical staff assess the individual."

"We are excited to offer this product to those under the care of the Arlington County Sheriff’s Office," said CEO John DeFalco of 4SightLabs. 

The device is placed on an individual in custody and can be worn on the wrist or ankle. Custody Protect uses biosensors on individuals that can detect 3heart rate, heart rate variability, motion and location through technology. All of this data is processed through artificial intelligence in real-time to detect risks to health and safety.

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