New Officers Graduate from Session 146 of Training Academy

Published on June 24, 2022

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ARLINGTON, Va. – Family, friends and colleagues gathered on June 22 to celebrate the achievements of Arlington County Police Department’s 12 newest officers as Session 146 graduated from the Northern Virginia Criminal Justice Training Academy. During the graduation, the officers took their solemn oath to serve and protect the Arlington community and safeguard the Constitutional rights of all. Graduation from the Academy is a significant milestone in the new officers' journey to becoming solo police officers in Arlington County, a process that spans approximately one year. As part of their ongoing training cycle, the newly graduated officers will now complete local and field training programs.

“With great pride, I welcome Arlington’s newest officers as they begin their successful careers in law enforcement,” said Chief Andy Penn. “Session 146 excelled at the academy, demonstrating their shared commitment to excellence. This training, coupled with their strong work ethics and personal character, will serve as an important foundation in their ongoing training curriculum. I am proud of their accomplishments and am confident they will continue the agency’s longstanding commitment to providing high-quality, professional law enforcement services to all who live, work and visit Arlington.”

The officers who make up Session 146 are reflective of the Department’s commitment to seeking individuals from all backgrounds who possess the necessary qualifications to serve Arlington’s diverse and inclusive community. The class, which is made up of seven women and five men, all hold higher education degrees, including one with an advanced degree. Three officers are military veterans with two having served in the Army and one having served in the Air Force. Two of the officers also speak Spanish. The class hails from six different states and two are native Arlingtonians who graduated from Yorktown and Wakefield High Schools.

Session 146 excelled at the academy in academics, physical fitness and leadership. They were recognized with the following additional achievements at graduation:

  • Officer N. Jacuzzi served as the class Vice President
  • Officer M. Rahaim received the Award for Physical Fitness (Females) – 1st place
  • Officer J. Majors II received the Award for Physical Fitness (Men) – 2nd place
  • Officer M. Rahaim received the Award for Academic Excellence – 2nd place
  • Officer J. Ferrufino received the Award for Academic Excellence – 3rd place
  • Officer G. Etheredge received the Guardian Award. The Guardian Award is awarded to one academy recruit each session for their exemplary efforts in defensive tactics, control tactics and tactical scenarios, which all emphasize de-escalation techniques.
  • Officer J. Majors II was the recipient of the prestigious Thomas L. Shaw Award, one of the NVCJA’s highest honors. The award is named in honor of Thomas L. Shaw, a leader in the field of criminal justice training in the Northern Virginia region. For more than half of his 36-year career, from 1982-2000, Mr. Shaw served as the executive director of the NVCJA. The award recipient is selected by the basic training staff as the officer who they feel best exhibits the potential to meet the standards for professionalism, dedication and leadership set forth by Mr. Shaw during his career.

Additionally, Corporal K. Domfe, who is currently assigned to the academy as an instructor, received the David Vice Award for Instructor Excellence in recognition of his compassion and commitment to training.

About the Northern Virginia Criminal Justice Training Academy (NVCJA)

After being hired by the Department, the new officers began their training at the NVCJA, a regional academy offering high quality, professional training to recruit officers who will go on to serve agencies in Northern Virginia. New officers enrolled in the basic training program complete over 800 hours of training curriculum, which orients them to the diverse day-to-day challenges experienced by law enforcement personnel while on the job. In addition to basic training, NVCJA offers in-service training programs to officers throughout their careers.

More: Basic Training at the Northern Virginia Criminal Justice Training Academy

What Comes Next for the New Officers

The new officers will now complete the Department’s 12-week Field Training Program. During field training, the officers work alongside a Field Training Officer, who is responsible for mentoring, teaching, and evaluating them as they begin to apply knowledge gained during basic training at the NVCJA to real world situations they encounter when responding to calls for service and engaging with the community. Following successful completion of field training, the officers begin solo patrol.

Starting Your Career with ACPD

The Human Resources Management Section recruits qualified applicants to join future academy sessions throughout the year. We serve a diverse, urban and engaged community, with an emphasis on community policing and problem solving in support of the four key initiatives: community engagement, transportation safety, crime prevention and control and employee wellness. The men and women of our Department work and live by a set of core values: courage, competence, commitment, compassion, restraint, respect, and integrity. Learn more and start your career today by visiting

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