Southbound Lane on West Glebe Bridge Shut Down for Structural Issues

Published on March 25, 2022

Updated 3/27: Details added regarding the bridge's southbound lanes.

As a result of a bridge inspection today, Friday, March 25, engineers closed the existing southbound lane of the West Glebe Bridge between Arlington and Alexandria due to further degradation of structural beams. 

The northbound lane of the bridge over South Four Mile Run will remain open, making the bridge one-way to traffic and requiring a detour for southbound automobiles. The bridge’s maximum load rating of 5 tons will remain in place with a critical need for heavier vehicles – primarily buses and dump trucks -- to comply for public safety.   

The restrictions will stay in place until further notice. Pedestrians and bicyclists may still use the bridge. Engineers continue to monitor the structure’s condition on a weekly basis. 

Southbound traffic from the West Glebe Road Bridge is now detoured to the bridge connecting Arlington Ridge Road with Mt. Vernon Avenue in Alexandria.

A contract for a planned bridge replacement has been awarded with construction set to begin after the contractor mobilizes in April. 

In November 2018, a routine inspection of the bridge found deterioration prompting Arlington and Alexandria to impose the weight restriction and close the sidewalks on both sides. 

Two months later, the bridge’s original southbound lane was converted for the exclusive use of pedestrians and bicyclists, who still have access.