Celebrate National Recovery Month in Arlington

Published on September 28, 2021

September is celebrated as National Recovery Month with the purpose of educating communities about recovery from mental health, substance use, and co-occurring disorders; the effectiveness of treatment and recovery support services; and that recovery is possible.

Arlington proudly stands alongside our recovery community and reminds residents of their valuable role in eliminating stigma associated with addiction and recovery by building social connections, providing family support, and strengthening neighborhood relationships — which are all directly linked to wellness, resiliency, and recovery.

"Arlington County and its Community Services Board are proud to support our recovery community and continually expand partnerships to lower barriers to recovery support, create inclusive spaces and programs, and broaden our understanding of what recovery means for people with different experiences," said Deborah Warren, Executive Director of the Arlington County Community Services Board, which consists of community members appointed to oversee services provided by the Department of Human Services to persons challenged by mental health, developmental disabilities and substance use.

The Recovery Research Institute conducted a nuanced, five-year study that explored the ways in which substance use disorder impacted families, communities, and cultures, and how recovery in those spaces created opportunities to rebuild. The study affirmed that opportunities to share experiences of personal recovery translate into collaborative recovery when the individual begins to see their story as part of a larger story.

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Recovery is for Everyone: Every person, Every Family, Every Community


Community members are invited to celebrate National Recovery Month by attending a special virtual event where people who live with mental health and substance use challenges will share their experiences and their recovery. This event is for all members of the community.

This year's theme, "Recovery is for Everyone: Every person, Every Family, Every Community," reminds people in recovery and those who support them, that recovery belongs to all of us and benefits everyone. The observance will work to highlight inspiring stories to help all people find the path to hope, health, and wellness.

For information on Arlington's mental health and substance use programs and treatment options, visit the County's Behavioral Healthcare webpage.