Arlington County Board Adopts Capital Improvement Plan for Fiscal Yea

Published on July 20, 2021

The Arlington County Board has approved a $1.25 billion three-year Capital Improvement Plan (CIP) that focuses on meeting Arlington's existing commitments, addressing critical infrastructure maintenance, and beginning investments in long-term plans and programs that will ensure sustainability over the years to come.

The three-year capital plan follows a one-year CIP that was adopted last summer as a result of the COVID-19 pandemic. The County anticipates returning to a traditional 10-year plan next year for FY 2023 — FY 2032.

"Despite the fiscal constraints from the pandemic over the past 15 months, Arlington County is investing in critical infrastructure and continuing capital projects that are important to our community," said County Board Chair Matt de Ferranti. "Our efforts to keep our transportation infrastructure well maintained, invest in time-sensitive recreational facilities, commitment to community and technology infrastructure, and our dedication to combatting climate change are all important parts of this CIP."

Infrastructure and Facilities

The adopted CIP includes investments into program areas that align with the traditional 10-year CIP planning efforts, such as funding for the ongoing Neighborhood Conservation program as well as the recently adopted Vision Zero program implementation.

The CIP continues the investment into the County's stormwater infrastructure, with $95.9 million allocated for projects like the Cardinal Elementary School stormwater detention facility and the Spout Run and Lubber Run watersheds. The Board additionally approved investments in the County's ongoing maintenance for HVAC and roof systems in various County facilities.

The CIP funds the Bluemont Park Tennis Complex replacement as well as replacements of one bridge at Lubber Run and one at Glencarlyn Park as part of the Trail and Bridge Modernization Program, and planning funds for an Arlington Boathouse project given recent support by federal partners.

A Commitment to Sustainability in Transportation

The Board recognizes the important steps taken to ensure sustainability in our transportation fleet in alignment with the goals of the Community Energy Plan (CEP) and Master Transportation Plan (MTP). As part of this CIP, the Board directed the Manager to implement both an electric bus pilot program and a procurement process to begin replacing 15 buses with electric buses starting in 2024, a critical change in the sustainability of our transportation system

The CIP also includes the second entrance for the Crystal City Metro station, ART (Arlington Transit) facilities and the Columbia Pike Multimodal project to improve transportation options for pedestrians, cyclists, motorists and transit riders through road, sidewalk, utility, and transit improvements. The CIP also funds Metro, street paving, and replacement of the West Glebe Road and Arlington Ridge Road bridges which are partly funded by the City of Alexandria.

November 2021 Bond Referenda

The Board unanimously approved a bond referendum totaling $85.535 million to be put before the voters on the November ballot for projects adopted by the County and Schools in their Capital Improvement Plan. The referenda include:

  • Community Infrastructure ($17.035 million),

  • Local Parks and Recreation ($6.8 million),

  • Metro and Transportation ($38.7 million), and

  • Arlington Public Schools ($23.01 million).

Included in the County's $62.535 million referenda are $20.7 million for Metro, $17.5 million for paving, $2 million for Neighborhood Conservation, and $9.73 million for courthouse renovations and courts and police building improvements. The referenda also include $5 million for renovation of the Bluemont Park Tennis Court complex replacement, $1 million for the Trail and Bridge Modernization program, $700,000 for design of improvements to one building on the Quincy St. Site, and $800,000 for planning the Arlington Boathouse project.

The Schools bond ($23.01 million) if approved, would fund kitchen improvements and major HVAC replacements, entrance and vestibule renovations, improvements to The Heights Building and synthetic turf field replacements.

To read the staff report on the bond referenda, visit the County website. Scroll to Item 64. B on the agenda for the Tues., July 20, 2021, Recessed County Board Meeting.

The summary of County projects in the 2021 bond referenda can be found in the Appendix of the County's Adopted FY 2022 — FY 2024 CIP, which will be posted on the County's website by September 2021.