Arlington County Issues Bridge Restrictions on West Glebe Road

Published on November 09, 2018

Updated Jan. 23, 2019: The southbound lane across the bridge was converted for exclusive use by pedestrians soon after this release was issued.

ARLINGTON, VA — A routine inspection of the bridge on West Glebe Road at South Four Mile Run has uncovered deterioration, which will require a vehicle weight restriction of 5-tons, and closure of the sidewalks in both directions. Because safety is the priority, the restrictions are effective immediately.

The County performs maintenance inspections of its bridges every two years; the last routine inspection was in November 2017. A recent interim check on the 62-year-old bridge prompted a more detailed inspection that showed accelerated deterioration in the structural beams, particularly underneath the sidewalks.

A weight limit restriction of vehicles that weigh more than five tons will primarily affect larger heavy vehicles such as buses and dump trucks. Because of lower southbound vehicular volume, the County is exploring options to restore pedestrian access by possibly converting a southbound lane to a pedestrian path.

The restrictions will stay in place until further notice. The County will continue to monitor the bridge on a routine basis to ensure there is no further deterioration in its condition.