County Board Approves Temporary APS Parking on Buck Site

Published on June 16, 2018

  • APS may begin parking vehicles on site July 1, 2018

  • Agreement for two years, may be extended through 2026

  • Longer-term planning for site continues

The Arlington County Board today approved a license agreement with the Arlington Public School Board allowing APS to temporarily park vehicles on the County-owned property at 1425 N. Quincy St., formerly the Buck site. The action comes as the County-Arlington Public Schools Joint Facilities Advisory Commission continues to review options for uses of the site.

The County bought the site in November 2017, and uses a building adjacent to the parking lot that APS plans to use on the site for County storage. APS has asked to lease 48 parking spaces for two years, with the possibility of six one-year extensions, to open up enough parking spaces for APS Facilities and Operations staff and School-Board owned vehicles at the County's Trades Center Complex in south Arlington. APS plans to park vehicles that are not buses on the sites, and staff personal vehicles. The agreement begins July 1, 2018.

"In 2017, the Joint Facilities Advisory Commission conducted extensive community engagement and analysis of County and APS facility needs, ultimately offering interim — or up to 10 year — uses that would be appropriate for this site," Arlington County Board Chair Katie Cristol said. "The County Board selected for further study an interim scenario that included public safety needs, open space, and space for either our Emergency Operations Center or APS swing space." Staff and consultants, Cristol said, now are conducting a technical and engineering analysis of this JFAC scenario.

[caption id="attachment_17189" align="alignright" width="300"]aerial shot of Buck site. Buck site, 1425 N. Quincy St., looking north.[/caption]

The Board voted unanimously to approve the license agreement for the former Buck site. To read the staff report and related documents, visit the County website. Scroll to Item No. 44 on the agenda for the Saturday, June 16, 2018 Regular County Board Meeting.


The County bought the 6.1-acre site known as the Buck site, one of the last large pieces of property in north Arlington that is zoned for industrial use, at a time of growing need for operational space. In a February, 2018 letter to the JFAC and the community, the County Manager said that the County will expedite the planning and relocation of the Police Impound Lot and Reserve Vehicles to the property following completion of staff's analysis and JFAC review of options for the site.

Areas that staff is studying for the site include the scope required to relocate the County's Fire reserve vehicles and logistics and the Public Safety Communications and Emergency Management Office; transportation, neighborhood and environmental impacts, including exploring mitigation efforts and potential screening options and a preliminary timeline and funding needed to achieve relocation of these facilities.

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