DHS Community Outreach Center at Rinker Center/Gates of Ballston

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Citizenship Classes and Information are now available in-person and virtually.

The Community Outreach Program is a multicultural program promoting self-sufficiency and community belonging through neighborhood educational programs and services for newly arrived and low-income Arlington County residents.

  • Our outreach specialists are based in three outreach centers strategically located in low-income neighborhoods with high concentration of immigrants.
  • Each outreach specialist is bilingual and some are even multilingual. Our specialists can provide services in Spanish, French and Arabic. In addition to being bilingual (or multi-lingual), each specialist is also bicultural — meaning that they live and understand the culture of the languages they speak.
Connecting residents with programs and services

Arlington County has an array of services offered through local government, community and non-profit agencies. These services are sometimes difficult to navigate, especially for someone who experiences language and cultural barriers. Our outreach specialists assess the needs of community members and connect them with the appropriate resource to meet those needs. We provide assistance with referrals for food, medical services, housing, legal assistance and more.

Individualized assistance

Our outreach specialists provide on-going assistance to individuals and families who are in crisis and have specific needs. We listen to community members in a culturally sensitive way, usually in their native language, and connect them with necessary services. We work with the family as a unit, ensuring that as they meet with various agencies and organizations all needs are being met and services are coordinated.

Special events

Throughout the year we also organize special events for our community. Many of these events are designed to preserve the unique cultures of our clients, including multicultural festivals. Other special events include neighborhood day activities, health fairs, immigration seminars, tax assistance workshops and clothing drives.


The Community Outreach Program has a great group of committed volunteers who help with many facets of the program. For example, volunteers teach citizenship classes, help people find jobs, instruct sewing classes and assist with other programs. Volunteers also help plan special events and other opportunities. If you are interested in volunteering, call Kim Durand at 703-228-1317 or visit Volunteer Arlington.


Community Outreach Program office locations and hours have changed - please call ahead to ensure someone will be available to assist you.

The Community Outreach Program Contact Information:

Dina Abdelghani


Arlington Mill &
Woodbury Park

Connie Freeman


Lubber Run &
Gates of Ballston

Luz Maria Fernandez


Arlington Mill &
Woodbury Park

Miguel Carpio-Castanon


Arlington Mill,
Lubber Run &
Gates of Ballston

Susan Stolpe


Arlington Mill &
Lubber Run

Zineb Mourchid


Arlington Mill




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