Real Estate Taxes and Payments

Due Dates

Real Estate taxes are billed in two equal installments each year: 

  • Installment one: June 15 
  • Installment two: October 5 

If the due date falls on a Saturday, Sunday, or holiday, late payment penalties will not be assessed for payments made on the following business day. Per the code of Virginia, taxpayers are responsible for knowing the due dates and ensuring timely payment. The Treasurer collects real estate taxes.

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Escrow Accounts with Mortgage Companies

  • If your taxes are set up to be paid by your mortgage company, you will not receive a bill in the mail unless the Treasurer’s Office does not receive payment from the mortgage company.
  • If you receive a bill for real estate that is supposed to be paid by an escrow account, contact your mortgage company.
  • If you’ve recently paid off your mortgage, you should receive a bill and will be responsible for paying your taxes.


Change Your Billing Address

Use this Change of Address Form to change your billing address. All change of address requests must be made in writing to the Department of Real Estate Assessments (DREA).

Property Sales

When real estate is sold, responsibility for payment of taxes should be worked out during settlement. If you’ve sold the property referred to on the tax bill and another person has assumed responsibility for payment, return the bill to the Treasurer’s Office, 2100 Clarendon Blvd, Suite 201, Arlington, VA 22201, with any information you have about the new owner. Contact your settlement attorney with any questions regarding who is responsible for paying taxes on the sold property.

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