Foster Parent Services


Foster Care

Foster Care is a temporary living arrangement providing parenting for children who cannot stay in their homes because of abuse, neglect or other family problems. 

The goal of foster care is to make children safer and strengthen families.

During the period a child is in foster care, social workers, foster parents and birth parents work together to help the child return home. When returning home is not possible, an alternative plan is made.

Foster Kinship Care

Arlington County Child and Family Services recognizes the vital role that kinship providers play as members of the child’s team when out-of-home care is needed.

Placement with kin can increase stability, reduce trauma, and help children maintain a sense of family, belonging, and identity.

12% of Arlington approved foster parents are kinship foster parents.

Learn about our specialized Kinship Navigation Services.

Teens In Arlington Need You!
  • All children deserve a family and a safe place to live.
  • The average age a young adult leaves home to live independently is 26.
  • 60% of children in foster care in Arlington County are over the age of 12.
  • Young people can voluntarily remain in foster care up to age 21.


You Can Be a Foster Parent!

Here's what it takes to be a foster parent:

  • Over the age of 21
  • Married or single
  • With or without biological children
  • Employed inside or outside the home
  • Of any sexual orientation
  • Living in Arlington County or the surrounding Virginia area
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