Trespass Towing Data

Towing in Arlington County

In Arlington County, depending on if your vehicle was towed from public property at the request of the Arlington County Police or from private property at the request of the property owner, different charges and procedures can apply.

Arlington County has changed the notification process for towing. Information on towed or repossessed vehicles can now be found online at The online portal is updated in real time. If you cannot locate your vehicle or need additional support using the online portal, call the County non-emergency number at 703-558-2222.

Trespass Tows

Towing from private property without the consent of the vehicle owner (also known as “trespass towing”) is regulated by Chapter 14.3 of the Arlington County Code. Read a copy of the ordinance.

Police Tows

Towing from the public right-of-way is conducted by a contractor at the request of the Arlington County Police Department (ACPD). Towing may occur for vehicles that are unlicensed, uninspected, disabled, abandoned, illegally parked on public property or that have outstanding parking violations. Chapter 14.2 of the Arlington County Code deals with police tows. More information about Police Tows can be found on the ACPD Towing Webpage.

Trespass Towing Complaints

2018 Complaints
2018 Towing Complaint Data Set

2017 Complaints
2017 Towing Complaint Data Set

2016 Complaints
2016 Towing Complaint Data Set

Trespass Towing Data

2018 Data
Towing Data – All Tows 2018 Q3
2018 Trespass Towing Data – by location
2018 Trespass Towing Data – by reason for tow
2018 Trespass Towing Data – by company

2017 Data
2017 Trespass Towing Data – All Tows
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2017 Top Trespass Towing Locations

2016 Data
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County Board Action

Use the links below to read previous Board Reports regarding the County’s towing ordinance in our Archives, as well as view County Board consideration of these changes: