Resources For Immigrants

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Arlington County has always had the vision of being a welcoming and inclusive community where every person has the right to live, learn, work and play. We affirm Arlington County’s commitment to fostering a diverse, inclusive and welcoming community; our values of equality and equity for all residents regardless of immigration or citizenship status; and ensure the trust and confidence of residents to access services and benefits afforded to all residents without fear or concern for either their security or safety. 

Public Safety

The role of Arlington County law enforcement is to keep our community safe, not to enforce federal immigration laws. The Arlington County Police will continue to work with residents, civic associations and others to maintain strong relationships vital to public safety. Learn more about the County’s enforcement policies.

Know Your Rights

There are many resources to learn about your rights, as well as information about the official path to Citizenship.

Legal Aid Services and Resources

The following organizations assist immigrants in need of legal help and other services such as power of attorney.

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Arlington County Resources

For Individuals

  • Citizenship Classes: The Arlington Community Outreach Program also offers free, virtual Citizenship Classes on weekday afternoons and evenings. Interested students should register for the classes by phone to ensure that they are eligible (or will soon be eligible) for naturalization and can speak, read and write basic English. Call 703-228-1198 to register and for more information.
  • Citizenship Scholarship: Arlington County offers a Citizenship Scholarship to pay the application fee charged by USCIS to those seeking to become U.S. citizens.  Arlington residents, as well as those who work in Arlington and those who attend Arlington citizenship classes are eligible based on their household income. Contact Susan at or 703-228-1198 for more information.
  • Hogar Immigrant Services Naturalization Workshops: Catholic Charities’ Hogar Immigrant Services conducts periodic Naturalization Workshops to assist eligible applicants in completing U.S. citizenship applications. Call 703-534-9805 for the dates of upcoming workshops.
  • Housing & Eviction Resources: Arlington County’s housing and rental assistance programs seek to help tenants facing eviction.
  • Food Resources: The Arlington Food Assistance Center (AFAC) is committed to providing free supplemental groceries to any Arlington County resident who cannot afford to purchase enough food for themselves or their families. Open to all regardless of race, religion, immigration status, age, sexual orientation, ethnicity, first language, gender, or disability. Learn more about AFAC. Additionally, find an interactive map of all County free food resources.
  • Watch: Employment Rights of Immigrants & Non-Citizens Forum
  • Watch: US Naturalization Ceremony in Arlington County

For Organizations


County Support of Legal Aid and Other Services

Arlington County provides support to the following organizations that provide legal aid and other services to immigrants:

  • Legal Aid Justice Center April 2, 2019 Amendment #1 to Grant to Legal Aid Justice Center for Immigration Legal Aid Servicesto help low-income immigrant workers and their families build assets and increase self-sufficiency by offering legal assistance and information
  • Ayudato provide immigration legal services to low-income immigrants eligible for humanitarian remedies, including consultations, case representations and information
  • Just Neighbors: for on-site legal clinics to help immigrants receive work authorizations, facilitate family unification, and assist with domestic violence issues
  • Edu Futuro Emerging Leaders: to empower immigrant youth to achieve academically and enhance their leadership abilities through after-school programming
  • Liberty’s Promise: to provide an internship and after-school civic engagement program for low-income immigrant youth at Wakefield High School

Local, State and Federal Policy Statements on Immigration





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