Citizenship Classes

Arlington Naturalization Scholarship Flyer May 2021

Arlington Virtual Citizenship Class Flyer May 2021

Arlington County offers a Citizenship Scholarship to pay the application fee charged by USCIS to those seeking to become U.S. citizens.  Arlington residents, as well as those who work in Arlington and those who attend Arlington citizenship classes are eligible based on their household income.  Please see the attached flyer in English and Spanish or visit to learn more.  Contact Susan at or 703-228-1198 with any questions.

Registration is Required 

Call 703-228-1198 for more information about the classes.

Ongoing Citizenship Classes 

The Arlington Community Outreach Program also offers free, virtual Citizenship Classes on weekday afternoons and evenings.  Interested students should register for the classes by phone to ensure that they are eligible (or will soon be eligible) for naturalization and can speak, read and write basic English.  After they register, students may begin attending the classes on a rolling basis.  The classes are open to both Arlington and non-Arlington residents.  Please see the attached flyer for more information or contact Susan at or 703-228-1198 with any questions.

Hogar Immigrant Services Naturalization Workshops 

Catholic Charities’ Hogar Immigrant Services conducts periodic Naturalization Workshops to assist eligible applicants in completing U.S. citizenship applications. Call 703-534-9805 for the dates of upcoming workshops.

Financial Assistance 

You may qualify for a scholarship to help offset Application for Naturalization fees.