Legal Aid Justice Center

Legal Aid Justice Center is now providing services here in Arlington.  In addition to being at the Department of Human Services on the third Wednesday of every month, they will also be available on specific days at Gates of Ballston and Arlington Mill. See attached for details.

An appointment is strongly recommended for any of the locations listed on here (which can be made by calling 703-778-3450), as they are unlikely to have space available for walk-ins.

Here’s a summary of the services they can provide:

  • Know Your Rights presentations. Training on individual rights when interacting with ICE.
    Comprehensive immigration screenings and consultations, to evaluate what immigration relief Arlington residents might be eligible for. (Note that LAJC staff will refer to appropriate non-profit and private immigration lawyers depending on the screening).
  • Family preparedness sessions with Arlington residents, which can include completing powers of attorney for their children or their property. Individual and group sessions.
  • Immigration bond cases for Arlington residents who are detained by ICE.  This means that they will represent Arlington residents who have been detained in hearings in immigration court to get them released from detention. When someone gets arrested by ICE and placed in detention, some are eligible for release on bond (anywhere between $3,000 and $20,000 in practice).  LAJC representation would be for the bond hearings only, and then LAJC would help the Arlington resident find attorneys to do their longer immigration case if they are eligible for immigration relief (e.g., asylum, a family petition). If anyone has a friend or relative who has been detained by ICE, they should call LAJC as soon as possible (703-778-3450).

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