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Leading with RACE

The Leading with RACE online learning series was developed by Arlington County (VA), County Manager’s Office of R.A.C.E. in collaboration with individual contributors. It has been adapted and made available as a resource that can be used by anyone to learn terms, definitions, and concepts around racial equity. Completing this series will increase your awareness and knowledge and provide examples of tools that will help you understand how to eliminate race-based opportunity gaps in policies, institutions and structures to improve outcomes for all. As you move through the modules, we hope you gain an understanding of how we work in Arlington County to become a community where all are valued, educated, healthy, and safe, regardless of race.

The Arlington County (VA) County Manager’s Office of R.A.C.E. has adapted and made the Leading with R.A.C.E. online learning modules available to the public to build capacity, awareness, and understanding on key terms, definitions, and concepts around race and racial equity. Reference to any external sources and/or organizations does not imply endorsement of said organizations or any entities they represent. The views, thoughts, and opinions expressed by Arlington County (VA) Government employees are solely those of the employees in their personal capacity and do not necessarily reflect the views of Arlington County (VA) Government as an organization and/or any of its officials.

The materials published herein should not be construed as legal advice or opinions on any specific set of facts or theory. Application of these materials will vary in every setting. Please consult with your human resources, general counsel and legal team when applying these materials to any given setting.

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Module 1 - Introduction to Racial Equity 

Module 1 sets the tone for why we lead with race in our equity journey. We will cover key terms such as Diversity, Inclusion, Equity, Racial Equity, Racial Inequity. We will also share strategies for engaging in conversations with grace. Below are resources shared as well as supplemental information to learn more: 

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Module 2 - What is Race? 

Module 2 discusses the history of race and how it is a social construct. We explore the differences between race, ethnicity and nationality. You are able to experience an example of a dialogue among Arlington County staff, and learn why having discussions about race can be impactful. 

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Module 4 - What are the Impacts of Systemic Racism? 

Module 4 answers the question, what are the impacts of systemic racism? We explore data related to the six major institutions (Housing, Education, Employment, Justice System, Housing, Health and Transportation), and discuss how creating goals and objectives around racial equity can benefit everyone.  

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Module 5 - Examining our Past to Shape Our Future 

In Module 5, you will learn a little about the history of race in Arlington County, Virginia and how our policies and practices helped create disparities in our community. Arlington County’s Racial History Timeline is a tool that provides context to help us move racial equity forward in the County. 

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Module 7 - What's the Difference Between Equality, Equity and Racial Equity? 

In Module 7, you will learn to recognize the difference between equality, equity, and racial equity. Understanding the difference can help us build a more equitable society. 

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