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Current Engagement Opportunities          

Route 1 Multimodal Improvements Study Feedback through May 20: Share your thoughts with the Virginia Department of Transportation. VDOT would like to hear your feedback on the decision-making process of this transportation project. 

NVTA Six-Year Program Public Comment Period through May 22: Share your feedback with the Northern Virginia Transportation Authority (NTVA) on a list of 26 candidate projects submitted by nine Northern Virginia jurisdictions for regional funding as part of the FY 2022-2027 Six Year Program. 

Army Navy Drive Country Club Trail Connector through May 22: Provide your feedback on the two trail concepts along the north side of the I-395 overpass, from 13th Road South near Hoffman-Boston Elementary School to Memorial Drive.

Ballston-MU Metro West Entrance Funding Input through May 22: Share your input with the Northern Virginia Transportation Authority on Ballston-MU Metrorail Station West Entrance to help agencies determine which projects should receive funding. The form can be located at the bottom of the page. 

Summer Camp Registration Project through May 23: Share your thoughts with the Department of Parks and Recreation on improving the summer camp registration process and customer experience. 

Marcus Alert Focus Group on May 24, 6 p.m.: Join a Marcus Alert focus group to help Arlington County create a better behavioral health crisis response system for the future.

Missing Middle Housing Study Feedback through May 27: Share your thoughts on the draft framework, housing recommendations and potential housing options for the County. Find the form in Spanish (Español)Amharic (አማርኛ)Mongolian (монгол), and Arabic (عربي)

LRPC Courthouse West Special GLUP Study Feedback through May 27: Provide your feedback to the Long Range Planning Committee on the draft study documents about the proposed plans for the Courthouse West Special General Land Use Plan.

2700 South Nelson Street Feedback through May 31: Provide your input on the open, flexible space planned for 2700 South Nelson Street, which will be designed following the planned demolition of the existing buildings this fall. Join an in-person engagement on Thursday, May 29th at 6 p.m. to participate and share ideas. 

Military Road and Nelly Custis Roundabout Pilot Project through June 6: Share your feedback on the pilot roundabout installed at the intersection of Military Road and Nelly Custis Drive.

Arlington's HOME ARP Allocation Plan Draft through June 8: Share your feedback on the draft HOME-ARP Allocation Plan. Learn more about the public comment period, feedback session, and public meeting happening to discuss how the County intends to use these funds. 

Highlights from Previous Opportunities

CC2DCA Engagement Summary: The Crystal City to Ronald Regan Washington International Airport Multimodal Connection (CC2DCA) study team has prepared updates to share with the community. Learn about public response in the second round of engagement that took place last winter, and next steps for analysis ahead of the next round of engagement anticipated for the fall of 2022. See the newsletter:

FY23 Budget Engagement Overview: Check out a quick overview of what we learned from this past fiscal year's engagement around the County's operating budget. Learn more about the budget and the upcoming consideration from the County Board this April.

Lubber Run Park Pedestrian Bridge Renovation - Thank you to everyone who shared their thoughts regarding the draft design for the Lubber Run Pedestrian Bridge. We appreciate your input. Review the update on the project shared by staff at the Nov. 17 Arlington Forest Civic Association meeting.    

Plan Langston Boulevard: View the latest updates, including the Summary of the Feedback(PDF, 11MB) received for the entire corridor, organized by topic and including a summary by neighborhood area. View the study’s Documents page and learn about the Engagement Approach

Vision Zero in Arlington: Arlington County transportation staff and our partners have been working hard to deliver projects, programs, and policies to reduce serious transportation crashes in our community. We are excited to share our first Vision Zero Mid-Year Progress Report. The report details action from 2021, as well as action coming in 2022.  Learn more about Vision Zero.

Community Oversight Board and Independent Policing Auditor: To improve transparency and accountability in the police department, the County Board has established a Community Oversight Board (COB) with independent investigative and subpoena power, and an Independent Policing Auditor.


Jerusalem Solomon
Director of Public Engagement
Office of Communications & Public Engagement