Glencarlyn Park Shelter #2 and Parking Lot Improvements

Glencarlyn Park Shelter #2 and Parking Lot Improvements



Start Date (Design) 3rd Quarter 2017

End Date (Design) 4th Quarter 2017

Start Date (Construction) 4th Quarter 2018

End Date (Construction) 2nd Quarter 2019 

About the Project

This is a Capital Maintenance project that renovated picnic shelter #2 (shelter closest to playground and restroom), the open picnic area, and the parking area. All renovated facilities were brought up to current ADA and Stormwater Management requirements (see links below). The project comprised the replacement of the existing shelter at Glencarlyn Park, parking area renovations, and related site improvements. Over the lifetime of the existing shelter, the surrounding tree canopy has matured, while the regulatory requirements for work in the Four Mile Run floodplain have increased. Thus this project addressed some unique challenges to provide a better experience for community users.

View more detailed information on environmental requirements and construction approaches here.

Arlington County is committed to being both stewards to our environment and providing access to our facilities for people of all abilities. Learn more about the Standards for Accessible Design we follow based on the Americans with Disabilities Act, and the Virginia Department of Environmental Quality regulations we support for storm water management.

About the Process

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Parks Maintenance Capital funds renovated and brought up to current standards existing park amenities. 


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