Bluemont Junction Trail Intersections Improvements Project

About the Project

The Bluemont Junction Trail traverses the Bluemont neighborhood, connecting the Ballston area with the Washington and Old Dominion trail at Bluemont Park.

This project will address safety and accessibility concerns where the trail intersects with the street network at North Kensington Street, North Emerson Street, and North Buchanan Street. It will benefit people walking, biking, accessing transit, and driving. 

Final Concept Plans
Preliminary Concept Plans

Concept plans for the project were developed in-house by County design engineers. These concepts reflect input received from project stakeholders as well as key information gathered during site visits, surveys, and utility locations.

The preliminary concepts include upgrades for safety and access at each of the three affected intersections. They will:

  • Improve visibility and sightlines for trail and road users
  • Increase predictability of intersection interactions
  • Account for traffic volumes on both the trail and the intersecting streets
  • Manage storm water effectively
  • Incorporate transit improvements where the trail crosses N Kensington Street
Additional Design Considerations

Based on community feedback, the project team reviewed and determined that the it is feasible to raise the trail crossings at N Emmerson Street and N Kensington Street. The suitability of additional traffic control signage has also been considered at each intersection.

Public Process

Trail safety and access issues for the Bluemont Junction trail were first raised by the community in 2013. The project has evolved to focus on the three intersections included based on site visits, data analysis, and community input.

Preliminary concepts were developed with input from members of the Bluemont Civic Association. Additional comments were solicited from the Bicycle Advisory Committee and Pedestrian Advisory Committee.

The following engagement activities have taken place:

  • A walking meeting and follow-up presentation to the Bluemont Civic Association in spring and summer 2017
  • Inclusion in staff communications about projects in process to both the Pedestrian Advisory Committee and Bicycle Advisory Committee in summer 2017
  • A presentation of concept design plans to the Bluemont Civic Association in spring 2018
  • Presentation of concept design plans to the Bluemont Civic Association in winter 2019.
  • Public comment accepted through an online engagement form in November 2020


This project is funded through the Capital Improvements Plan, using funds designated for pedestrian safety improvements.


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