Washington Boulevard & 13th Street Improvements


Washington Boulevard from Wilson Boulevard to North Kirkwood Road (including the 13th Street North intersection), Arlington, VA 22201  View Map

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Construction Update – November 2021

Trenching along Washington Boulevard

The contractor continues with trenching on Washington Boulevard east of North Kirkwood Road in order to underground utilities. This work is occurring in the median of Washington Boulevard.

From 9 am to 4 pm each workday, eastbound Washington Boulevard is shifted from the middle of the road to the outside lane, and westbound Washington Boulevard is reduced to one lane.

What to expect during construction:

  • Work hours will be 9 a.m. to 4 p.m., Monday through Friday, during activities that require a temporary lane closure.
    • Other activities may occur outside these hours, but this work will adhere to the requirements of Arlington’s Noise Ordinance.
    • If weekend work is needed, advance notice will be provided.
  • Detour signage will direct vehicles and pedestrians around construction zones.
  • The contractor will use an area at the intersection of Washington Boulevard and North Johnson Street, where three buildings were demolished, as a staging area.

About the Project

Washington Boulevard and 13th Street North is being redesigned to implement the Clarendon Sector Plan recommendations of providing two lanes of travel in each direction and eliminating the reversible lane signals. The intersection is being rebuilt so the Washington Boulevard lanes align on both sides of 13th Street North. This will provide a more conventional “T” intersection. 

At their Feb. 20, 2021, meeting, the County Board approved a contract to Sagres Construction Corporation for the construction of streetscape improvements and utility undergrounding along Washington Boulevard and 13th Street North. Construction started in spring 2021 and is expected to last for 18-24 months.

Design plan for Washington Boulevard & 13th Street Improvements
Design plan

Design analysis for this intersection was performed as part of the development of the Clarendon Sector Plan and, more recently, the Clarendon Multimodal Transportation Study.

The design for the Washington Boulevard and 13th Street North project is one element of the Clarendon West development that was approved by the County Board on Oct. 20, 2015. The Traffic Impact Study for that development provides background information and traffic analysis for intersections and streets within and outside the project boundaries. In 2018 the County requested the site developer update their previous traffic analysis to verify vehicle, pedestrian and bicycle volumes. The update was completed to reflect current development plans and parking ratios for the development area.

Project goals include:
  • Providing four lanes and eliminating the traffic-controlled reversible lane
  • Reconfiguring Washington Boulevard and 13th Street North to become a “T” intersection
  • Providing public open space for a future 13th Street North and Washington Boulevard park
  • Wider sidewalks and improved pedestrian crossings
  • Undergrounding utilities
  • Upgrading traffic signals
  • Installing new Carlyle streetlights
  • Planting new street trees

Public Process

Project updates have been shared with the Clarendon Alliance and surrounding neighborhood community groups.


The project's total estimated cost is approximately $6.4 million. Funding comes from local commercial and industrial taxes dedicated to transportation as well as developer contributions.