Shirlington Road Bridge Improvements and Addition


Shirlington Road between Arlington Mill Drive and Four Mile Run Drive., Arlington, VA 22206  View Map

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Construction for the new pedestrian bridge parallel to the main bridge is underway. The bridge is being manufactured off-site and will be installed in the late summer of 2024.

From April through the summer of 2024, there will be intermittent closures of the sidewalk and right lane on westbound South Arlington Mill Drive at the intersection of Shirlington Road. This is to maintain a safe area for crews to conduct their work.

A realigned temporary crosswalk was constructed to provide a direct detour for bike and pedestrian access crossing South Arlington Mill Drive.

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Concrete Repair on Shirlington Road Bridge

Crews will be conducting repairs on the west side of the Shirlington Road Bridge over Four Mile Run.

May 2-17

  • The right-hand southbound lane will close
  • Traffic will shift to the left lane
  • On weekdays between 9:00 AM and 4:00 PM will manage sidewalk access to let people pass safely while crews are at work.

About the Project

This project upgrades and maintains the existing bridge over Four Mile Run, adds a pedestrian and bicycle bridge to the west of the existing bridge, and implements improvements to the area surrounding the intersection of Shirlington Road and South Arlington Mill Drive. 

Improvements to Existing Bridge

Bridge maintenance work on the surface of the Shirlington Road Bridge was completed in September of 2022. 

This work accomplished the following project goals:

  • Increased safety by upgrading the guardrail system to meet current standards
  • Prolonged the life of the bridge by performing routine maintenance
  • Improved condition of the bridge pavement by repairing the deck surface
  • Widened the sidewalk from 4-5 feet to roughly 7 feet on the west side of the bridge
  • Improved access between Green Valley and Shirlington
  • Improved the refuge median at the midblock crosswalk near 27th Street South


New Parallel Pedestrian/Bicycle Bridge

  • New, 15 foot wide pedestrian and bicycle bridge, with entrance and aesthetic design coordinated with Jennie Dean Park.
  • The bridge will be located about 17 feet west of the original bridge, connecting from the South Arlington Mill Drive sidewalk to Jennie Dean Park

    Shirlington Road Pedestrian Bridge Location.png

Streetscape Improvements

Arlington Mill Drive and Shirlington Road Crosswalk Improvements

  • Provide addition trail width to the existing Four Mile Run Trail as it connects to the new bike/pedestrian bridge to facilitate merging
  • Redesigned curb and crossing to allow drivers, pedestrian and cyclists to see each other better and support slower, more controlled vehicular turns

Pedestrian Crossing Improvements Near the Four Mile Run Trail/27th Street S

  • Additional Rectangular Rapid Flash Beacon (RRFB) in median to improve visibility of crossing (completed summer/fall 2023)
  • Wider pedestrian ramps to better accommodate crossing users (12 feet) (completed spring/summer 2022)
  • Wider refuge median to provide more space for people waiting to cross (7 feet) (completed/spring summer 2022)



Crews completing final maintenance tasks on the Shirlington Road Bridge surface, summer 2022.

Public Process

The project team engaged with the local community during the planning phase of the project.

Online Open House - January 2021

To provide a project update, including how community feedback helped refine the advanced concept, the project team hosted a virtual meeting and question and answer session. For those unable to attend, the meeting materials are included below.

Community feedback was collected online between January and February of 2021.


Online Open House - March 2020

To help the community learn more about the project, ask questions and share feedback, the project team hosted an online open house. For those unable to attend, the meeting materials are included below.

Community feedback was collected online between March and April of 2020.



This project is fully funded with a combination of State and County funds.