S Carlin Springs Safety Measures (7th Rd S to Columbia Pike)


S Carlin Springs Rd between 7th Rd S and Columbia Pike, Arlington, VA 22204  View Map

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Arlington County Transportation Engineering & Operations (TE&O) works in coordination with the Arlington County Police Department to obtain crash data on roadways in the County. TE&O staff review this crash data in combination with feedback received from Arlington County citizens regarding transportation safety issues. Through this effort, the County identifies “hot spot” areas where there are opportunities to improve the safety and operational conditions.

S Carlin Springs Rd between 7th Rd S and Columbia Pike was identified as one of these “hot spot” locations. There have been over 40 reported crashes as this location since 2010. Four of these crashes involved pedestrians, of which one resulted in a fatality. To create a safer environmental for pedestrian and motorists on this segment of the roadway, TE&O staff have developed a three phase plan to address safety concerns:

  • Phase 1: Implementation of increased signage, markings, and bollards at intersection locations to improve crosswalk recognition, shorten crossings, and reduce speeds of turning vehicles. (Completed in 2018)
  • Phase 2: Concrete improvements (including curb extensions) at three intersection locations: 8th Pl S, 8th Rd S, and 8th St S, which will reduce both vehicles speeds and pedestrian crossing distances. (Completed in 2019)
  • Phase 3: Additional pedestrian safety improvements, including medians, crossing infrastructure, and access control on the corridor. (Estimated by 2021 – Proposed Phase 3 Concept Plan for Review)
    • Two-Stage Crossing: A 2-stage crossing for pedestrians was installed near 8th Rd S (completed Summer 2020)

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