Pentagon City Metro Station Second Elevator


Pentagon City on the west side of South Hayes Street at 12th Street South, Arlington, VA 22202  View Map

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Pentagon City Metro Station Second Elevator

Construction Update - October 2023

Major concrete work has been completed on the elevator shaft, vestibule, and machine room, and the steel frame for the headhouse above ground has been built. 

Ongoing work includes conduit, communication, and electrical work, completion of the headhouse and installation of the elevator equipment. Upcoming work includes landscape replacement, removal and replacement of concrete sidewalk, and curb and gutter work. 

During construction, Bus Stop F on South Hayes Street, next to the west-side escalator station entrance, will be closed. Service will be relocated to Stop T2, about 150 feet south on south Hayes Street.  

See Pentagon City Metro bus stop relocations

About the Project

The second elevator on the west side of South Hayes Street, near the existing west side escalator, will improve access for patrons making transit connections and for Pentagon City retail customers and tourists.

In 2010 the Washington Metropolitan Area Transit Authority (WMATA) completed, at Arlington’s request, a Feasibility Study of adding an elevator at the Pentagon City Metrorail Station, in anticipation of streetscape enhancements planned in the vicinity.

In February 2021, the County Board approved a contract to W.M. Schlosser Company, Inc. for the construction of the Pentagon City Metro Station second elevator. Construction started in September 2021, with completion anticipated in 2024.

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The construction contract is authorized for approximately $6.5 million, including contingency. The contract is funded by federal, state and local sources.