Lynn Street Esplanade & Custis Trail Improvements


  • Lynn Street Esplanade: North Lynn Street between east and westbound Lee Highway
  • Custis Trail: Westbound Lee Highway (Route 29) between North Lynn Street and North Oak Street

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Construction started in May 2018 and reached substantial completion in April 2020. The public art was installed in May 2020.

The project was a joint effort between Arlington County and the Virginia Department of Transportation (VDOT). The Lynn Street Esplanade and Custis Trail Improvements project was a pedestrian and bicycle safety, traffic management and street beautification initiative in Rosslyn.

The Lynn Street Esplanade provides:

  • Widened sidewalks
  • Intersection improvements
  • Upgraded traffic signals
  • On-street bike lanes
  • Street lights
  • Signs and landscape areas
  • “Corridor of Light” public art elements at each of the four corners of the Interstate 66 bridge

The Custis Trail improvements include:

  • Intersection improvements
  • Lane reconfiguration
  • Trail widening
  • Curb extensions
  • Wider curb ramps
  • Signal modifications
  • Increased trail separation

The 1999 Esplanade Study, 2003 Rosslyn Circle Safety Study and 2006 Lynn Street Esplanade Preliminary Design Study findings were incorporated into the current plans.

Public Process

Meetings with area stakeholders began in 2005 as part of project initiation and continued through 2016 when final plans were submitted to VDOT. Throughout the design process, County staff engaged area residents, businesses, community groups and commissions for direction and feedback.

  • December 2019 - Presentation to Rosslyn Business Improvement District


As part of the County Board approval of the Waterview development in Rosslyn, the developer, The JBG Cos., funded the Lynn Street Esplanade.

The southbound Lee Highway and Custis Trail portion of the project was funded through a grant from the Federal Highway Administration, in coordination with VDOT. Arlington County additionally provided a 20 percent grant match.