Final Bike Network

The final network design utilizes both Crystal Drive and Clark/Bell Street to form a protected one-way pair of north/south bicycle facilities that are connected by east/west cross streets. A southbound protected bike lane on Crystal Drive and a two-way cycle track as well as a northbound, contraflow protected bike lane on Clark/bell Street will be implemented by Transportation staff.

Review the final Crystal City Bike Network plan memo

Review the Implementation Timeline(PDF, 2MB)

North-South Connections

Crystal Drive

North and south bound bike lanes with enhanced markings between 15th Street S. and 18th Street S.

  streetmix for segment of ccbn

  • Implementation Method: TE&O Restriping Program


Southbound protected bike lane from 18th Street S. to 23rd Street S.

Between 18th Street S. and 20th Street S., this segment also includes a curbside northbound standard bike lane, next to the transit lane.

  • Implementation method: Adjacent private site development (1900 Crystal Drive) and TE&O Restriping Program
S. Clark Street / S. Bell Street

A 10-foot wide multi-use trail from 18th Street S. to 12th Street S.


This trail also connects directly to the future Cycle Track on Army Navy Drive via a connection on 12th Street S


Northbound, contraflow protected bike lane between 20th Street S. and 23rd Street S.


A contraflow bike lane operates in the opposite direction of traffic (Example: 11th Street South east of Walter Reed Drive)

  • Implementation method: TE&O Restriping Program


Two-way protected cycle track between 23rd Street S. and 27rd Street S.


Cycle track between 23rd Street S. and 26th Street S.



Cycle track between 26th Street S. and 27th Street S.

  • Implementation method: TE&O Restriping Program


East-West Connections

The project team have been coordinating closely with staff from DES's Capital Program Management team and Development Services Bureau to identify and improve planned and anticipated public right-of-way projects to include enhanced bike facilities that deliver on the commitments for the Bike Network. This coordination is vital since many street improvements in this area depend on changes that will be delivered as part of private developments.

The most up-to-date information received through this coordination shows the anticipated connections between Crystal Drive and South Clark/Bell Street:

15th Street South

One-way protected bike lanes in both the eastbound and westbound directions, with permanent physical barriers separating the bike lane from the vehicle lanes

Street cross section showing proposed bike lane improvements on 15th Street South
18th Street South

A buffered bike lane eastbound; a partially buffered/protected bike lane westbound

Street cross section showing proposed bike lane improvements on 18th Street South
  • Implementation method: adjacent private site development (anticipated)


23rd Street South

One-way protected bike lanes in each direction.

Street cross section showing proposed bike lane improvements on 23rd Street South
26th Street South

A one-way buffered bike lane going westbound with traffic.

Street cross section showing proposed bike lane improvements on 26th Street South
  • Implementation method: TE&O Restriping Program