Boundary Channel Drive Interchange Project


Interchange of Boundary Channel Drive, Interstate 395 and Long Bridge Drive, Arlington, VA 22202  View Map

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The Boundary Channel Drive Interchange project began construction in summer of 2022, and is expected to be completed in late 2023.

Traffic Impacts

New Traffic Patterns
  • The southbound I-395 Exit 10A ramp to westbound Boundary Channel Drive and Pentagon North Parking is back open and routing vehicles through the new western roundabout. Drivers exiting southbound I-395 to eastbound Boundary Channel Drive/Long Bridge Drive/Crystal City should continue using Exit 9 (Clark Street)
  • Westbound Boundary Channel Drive drivers can access southbound I-395 via the ramp from the new western roundabout
  • Boundary Channel Drive/Long Bridge Drive drivers can access northbound I-395 via the new ramp directly across from the Long Bridge Aquatics and Fitness Center entrance
  • Eastbound Boundary Channel Drive drivers can access southbound I-395 via the existing ramp on the right just east of Connector Road

Traffic Pattern Map  

The Virginia Department of Transportation (VDOT) is administering the project under a design-build delivery. Visit VDOT's website for current project status and information.

Anticipated project schedule:

  • Construction start - Summer 2022
  • Construction completion - Summer 2023

About the Project

The project goal is to upgrade the Boundary Channel Drive/I-395 interchange to improve traffic operations and safety for all users. The existing interchange is inadequate for current demands and for future planned growth in Crystal City. The interchange project also includes a connection to Long Bridge Park Drive and a bicycle connection from the Humpback Bridge to Long Bridge Park.

Watch the Project Overview

Based on the feedback received at our June 2015 public meeting, and feedback received from VDOT and Pentagon staff, Arlington County leadership and FHWA staff selected the accepted concept which was analyzed in the approved Interchange Modification Report. The accepted concept provides the best balance of traffic operations and safety for all modes, while minimizing impacts to the Pentagon and future improvements to Long Bridge Drive and the future expansion of Long Bridge Park. The accepted design concept includes converting the existing full cloverleaf interchange design to a partial cloverleaf configuration for the southbound I-395 ramps; the existing ramps in the southwest quadrant will be removed and all movements to / from southbound I-395 will be consolidated on the existing ramps in the northwest quadrant. In doing so, the two existing weaving segments along southbound I-395 in the vicinity of Boundary Channel Drive will be eliminated.

Boundary Channel Drive will be reduced from four lanes to two lanes and all existing ramp terminals along Boundary Channel Drive will be converted to roundabouts. The eastern side of the interchange will be reconfigured to better separate various movements and provide an improved connection between Long Bridge Drive and I-395 northbound. The proposed improvements also include enhanced pedestrian and bicycle connections from the Mount Vernon Trail on the west side of the interchange to Long Bridge Drive and Long Bridge Park on the east side of the interchange by providing shared use paths along both sides of Boundary Channel Drive through the interchange area.

This is a regionally significant project that is being coordinated with partners at FHWA, Department of Defense, National Park Service, Northern Virginia Transportation Authority, VDOT and the District Department of Transportation.

Public Process

January 2021 - County Board Vote

The project's environmental review process concluded in October 2019 with the Federal Highway Administration’s (FHWA) approval of the Interchange Modification Report and issuance of a Categorical Exclusion. On Jan. 23, 2021, the County Board voted unanimously to endorse the project’s major design elements.

November 2020 - Design Public Hearing

December 2019 - Public Information Meeting

County staff and partnering agencies shared and sought feedback on the accepted concept.

Presentation boards:

Community feedback:


June 2015 - Public Information Meeting

County staff and partnering agencies sought feedback on the elements that made up the original three design concepts to improve the interchange.

Subsequent project status updates were presented to the Arlington County Bicycle Advisory Committee and Crystal City BID (now National Landing BID) in January 2019 and September 2019, respectively.



The project is fully funded via a combination of local and state revenue sharing sources, regional funds from the Northern Virginia Transportation Authority, and local bonds.