Arlington Boulevard Trail Study


Adjacent to both the north and south sides of the Arlington Boulevard corridor from the Jackson Street Pedestrian Bridge to George Mason Drive, Arlington, VA   View Map


Under Review

The study has begun with a review of existing conditions and planning guidance and is now in the first public engagement phase as of Summer 2022.

About the Study 

Project Background

The Arlington Boulevard Trail is a regional, primarily off-street multi-use trail that parallels Arlington Boulevard. Sections of the route are comprised of several elements including: existing off-street trails, on-street planned bike lanes, existing on-street bike lanes, and an existing on-street bikeway.  Some of the segments have uneven pavement and narrow passageways adjacent to Arlington Blvd.   

Planning Guidance

The 2019 Master Transportation Plan (MTP) – Bicycle Element identified the Arlington Blvd Trail in Appendix D, Bikeway Facility Projects, Section 2-14 as a recommended trail improvement. The recommendation states the project should “reconstruct portions of the Arlington Boulevard Trail, between Rosslyn and the Seven Corners area, to enhance user safety and usability. Reconstruction should include:

  • resurfacing to achieve a minimum 10-foot paved width
  • enhancing the crossings of highway ramps
  • providing contra-flow facilities for those sections of one-way service road that constitute parts of the trail
  • evaluate installation of trail lighting.

The Arlington Boulevard Trail is also identified in the Fort Myer Heights North Plan. (VDOT, Arlington) (2.0 miles)”  

This Study
Arlington Boulevard Trail map

As part of the Adopted Capital Improvement Plan (CIP) Fiscal Years 2022 – 2024, the County Board provided guidance to the County Manager to conduct an engineering / feasibility study for the Arlington Boulevard Multi-Use Trail from Jackson Street to George Mason Drive, inclusive of Glebe Road, to inform a future CIP. The scope of this study would include a feasibility analysis, field survey, traffic data collection, coordination with VDOT, and a preliminary horizontal layout. The study is estimated to take 12 months. 


This study will : 

  • develop design concepts for improving existing sections of the trail, such as widening key pinch points and removing barriers and obstructions and
  • identify the preferred routing and associated improvements at intersections and crossings, including but not limited to:
    • curb ramps at intersections where currently deficient
    • widening key pinch points to meet County trail width standards (10-12' preferred, 8’ minimum)
    • removing barriers and obstructions along the trail
    • providing direct path access and connections where feasible

Public Process 

Summer 2022 - Existing Conditions Assessment

The first public engagement opportunity included a virtual public meeting to introduce the study and kick off the public process for this work. It also included a walking tour of the existing facilities in the study area, and an online feedback form to gather community input on what works and doesn't work on the existing Arlington Boulevard Trail today. This feedback will be used to inform the study moving forward.

Following analysis of the feedback we received in this public engagement opportunity, the project team will summarize what we heard from the public and share it back as a summary memo.
  • Engagement Summary (Coming Soon)


Virtual Kick-Off Meeting

The project team held a virtual kick-off meeting to introduce the community to the study, share background information about how we got here today, and highlight the existing trail and street facilities for people walking and biking along the Arlington Blvd corridor. 

Meeting Details:

Walking Tour

The project team held a walking tour of the existing trail facilities and adjacent intersections and roadways as part of this public engagement opportunity.

Meeting Details:

Online Engagement Form

In addition to the kick-off meeting and walking tour, the project team will also collect feedback via an online feedback form. This will be posted below when it is ready - beginning June 13, 2022 and closing on July 5, 2022.


The Capital Improvement Program adopted by the County Board for Fiscal Years 2022-24 allocated $200,000 for an engineering feasibility study for the Arlington Boulevard Multi-Use Trail.