Virginia Hospital Center (VHC) Land Purchase Agreement

Due to increasing service and space demands, Virginia Hospital Center (VHC) proposed an expansion of their hospital located on N. George Mason Drive. The expansion site, an adjacent parcel of land, was owned by the County at the time. This initiated a process to evaluate the site and purchase agreements for the parcel, generally known as the “Edison Site.”

It was determined that the Edison Site was the only logical place for the hospital to expand and a purchase agreement was approved. The agreement requires the County Board to approve the expansion site plan prior to closing the sale. The County recently moved services it offered at the Edison site to other locations while VHC has moved forward with their master plan design.

The purchase agreement included the possibility of a land swap between the County and the hospital as part of the purchase price. An extensive review process evaluated potential sites and resulted in the County Board voting to acquire a parcel of hospital property on S. Carlin Springs Road.

Purchase Agreement Timeline

November 2017: Anticipated kick-off of review process for the expansion site plan. County Board approval of this site plan is required prior to closing the purchase agreement.

July 2017: The County Board voted to notify VHC that the County intends to acquire the hospital’s property at 601 S. Carlin Springs Road as part of the purchase price for the County-owned Edison site.

January – June 2017: The acquisition of properties subject to the Option Agreement with VHC was reviewed in conjunction with the County’s Joint Facilities Advisory Commission (JFAC).

April 2016: During a joint work session of the County Board and Arlington Public Schools, staff reported to the two Boards on the process the County is undertaking to evaluate VHC’s Carlin Springs Site.

December 2015: Arlington County Board approved an agreement granting VHC an option to purchase County-owned land at 1800 N. Edison Street. The agreement included the possibility of a land swap between the County and the hospital.

September 2015: The County Manager gave a presentation to the County Board about the proposed VHC expansion and upcoming public process.

Aerial view of Arlington County’s Edison Complex Site
Aerial view of Arlington County’s Edison Complex Site

Option to Purchase Agreement

At its December 2015 meeting, the Arlington County Board approved the agreement  granting VHC an option to purchase County-owned land at 1800 North Edison Street:

VHC Properties Evaluated

Under the Option Agreement, the County Board has until August 2018, at the earliest, to elect to acquire any of the other properties owned by VHC. The evaluation process for those properties included:

  • 601 South Carlin Springs Road: RPC # 21-028-097 (503,989 sq. ft./11.57 acres, zoned S-D) (Map | Photo Map)
  • 5275 Lee Highway: Commercial office building and associated surface parking. RPC #s 02-073-089 (4,467 sq. ft./ 0.103 acres, zoned R-6) & 02-073-079 (28,939 sq. ft./0.664 acres, zoned C-O-1.0) (Map | Photo Map)
  • 5267 Lee Highway: Commercial retail. RPC # 02-073-078 (13,535 sq. ft./ 0.311 acres, zoned C-1) (Map | Photo Map)
  • 5232 Lee Highway: Child care center. RPC # 09-001-021 (38,432 sq. ft./0.882 acres, zoned R-6) (Map | Photo Map)
  • 5226 Lee Highway: Commercial bank. RPC # 09-001-020 (18,647 sq. ft./0.428 acres, zoned C-O) (Map | Photo Map)
  • 5130 16th Street North: single family dwelling. RPC # 09-031-011 (12,047 sq. ft./0.277 acres, zoned R-6) (Map | Photo Map)
  • 5138 16th Street North: single family dwelling. RPC # 09-031-009 (12,095 sq. ft./0.278 acres, zoned R-6) (Map | Photo Map)

The Joint Facilities Advisory Commission (JFAC) established a subcommittee to review the Carlin Springs site as part of the land swap option. Visit the JFAC webpage for their meeting materials about 601 S. Carlin Springs Road.

Edison property shown on the General Land Use Plan (GLUP) map
Edison property shown on the General Land Use Plan (GLUP) map; view map with legend 

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As part of the discussions leading to the Board’s approval of the Option Agreement, VHC answered a number of questions from Arlington County about its plans for the site.