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1111 Army Navy Drive, 1400 S. Joyce St., and 1600 S. Joyce St..; The 36-acre site is in Pentagon City, bounded generally by Army Navy Drive to the north, South Joyce Street to the east, 16th Street South to the south, and South Lynn Street to the west., Arlington, VA 22202  View Map

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About the Project

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REZN22-00007 (Rezoning) | SPLN23-00001 (PDSP) | SPLN23-00002 (Land Bay N) | SPLN23-00003 (Land Bay S) | SPLN23-00004 (Land Bay C)

Existing site development includes three multifamily buildings with surface parking lots: the James House (452 units and 1,330 sq. ft. of retail), the Potomac House (577 units), and the Ashley House (647 units).

The applicant proposes to keep the existing buildings, rezone the entire site to “RA6-15,” and construct infill development via a Phased Development Site Plan (PDSP). The proposal totals 3,554 dwelling units and 27,759 sq. ft. of retail. The PDSP is comprised of four (4) Final Site Plans (“Land Bays”):  

  • Land Bay N:
    • James and Potomac House to remain
    • Construct two (2) new seven-story multifamily buildings with ground floor retail:
      • “N1”
        • 551 units; 14,680 sq. ft. of retail
        • Parking: 0.5 sp./du; 1 per 1,000 sq. ft.
      • “N2”
        • 401 units; 13,079 sq. ft. retail
        • Parking: 0.5 sp./du; 1 per 1,000 sq. ft.
  • Land Bay C:
    • Ashley House to remain
    • Construct three (3) new buildings:
      • “C1” (Multifamily Residential)
        • 7 stories
        • 102 units
        • 0.56 parking spaces/unit
      • “C2” (Elder Case/Senior Housing)
        • 8 stories
        • 233,960 sq. ft. (185 units)
        • 0.74 parking spaces/unit
      • “C3” (Multifamily Residential Condo)
        • 7 stories
        • 164 units
        • 1.57 parking spaces/unit
  • Land Bay S (Townhouses and Stacked Flats):
    • Construct 265 units
    • Parking: 0.66 spaces per unit
  • Land Bay F: future application/not filed 

In addition, per the Pentagon City Sector Plan, the applicant will work with staff to provide the following targeted community benefits:

  • Expansion of Virginia Highlands Park through land dedication, construction of realigned segment of S. Joyce Street
  • Creation of Green Ribbon segments throughout the site
  • Creation of additional public space on the site totaling at least 2.5 acres
  • Easement up to 30 feet wide for S Joyce Street streetscape and protected bicycle facility
  • At least 10% on-site committed affordable housing units (bonus density only)
  • LEED Gold certification

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Public Process


Milestone / Meeting


August 2023

PDSP / Site Plan Acceptance

  See "Applicant Materials" above

July 26, 2023

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Community Kickoff Meeting

 July 26-September 22, 2023  Kickoff: Community Questions and Comments Form

September 21, 2023

12 - 1:30 pm

 Virtual Open House 


September 27, 2023

7 – 9 pm

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View meeting minutes(PDF, 131KB)

Long Range Planning Committee (LRPC) Meeting #1


October 24, 2023

7–9 pm

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Long Range Planning Committee (LRPC) Meeting #2


November 16, 2023

7–9 pm

 Long Range Planning Committee (LRPC) Meeting #3

November 30, 2023

Noon - 1 pm

On-Site Walking Tour

Starting location: The James apartment building


Online Engagement


Site Plan Review Committee (SPRC) Meeting #1


Site Plan Review Committee (SPRC) Meeting #2


Site Plan Review Committee (SPRC) Meeting #3


Site Plan Review Committee (SPRC) Meeting #4

TBD Site Plan Review Committee (SPRC) Meeting #5  


Transportation Commission Public Hearing


Housing Commission

Public Hearing


Planning Commission

Public Hearing


County Board

Public Hearing

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