Central District Retail Phase II


The southern third of the block bounded by 15th Street South, Crystal Drive, 18th Street South and U.S. 1., Arlington, VA 22202  View Map

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This project (the proposed two-story retail building and renovation only of the existing office building ) was approved by the County Board on October 20, 2018. The County Board also deferred for one year the requests related to converting and expanding the existing office building to a 21-story residential building. Subsequently, the developer withdrew the application for a residential building. The subject plan was also amended in 2022 to eliminate the proposed corner retail building, which will be replaced by an above ground Metro entrance pavilion.

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About the Project

Site Plan #90 (Crystal Square) and #448 (1770 Crystal Drive)

  • Site plan amendment to existing Crystal Square (SP #90) to construct a two-story, 16,000 sq. ft. retail building at the corner of 18th Street and Crystal Drive and dedicate to the County a public access easement of approximately 43,000 sq. ft. for public open space; and
  • UPDATE AUGUST 2018: Applicant has submitted a request for a minor site plan amendment to renovate the existing 1750 Crystal Drive office building.
    • Applicant will not pursue at this time approval of the previously proposed:
      • Rezoning from “C-O” to “C-O-Crystal City”;
      • Crystal City Block Plan (Block Plan is required only when there is a rezoning to “C-O-Crystal City”; and
      • New site plan to convert a twelve-story office building (1750 Crystal Drive) to residential (total 21 stories, 257 feet in height, 16,403 sq. ft. residential, 4.56 FAR).

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