716 South Glebe Road - Sunrise South Glebe


The 2.09 acre (91,064 sf) site is located at 716 S. Glebe Road in the Alcova Heights neighborhood. The site is currently occupied by a church building, vacant single-family house and surface parking. The site is bordered by Alcova House to the west, and one- and two-family residences to the north, east and south., Arlington, VA 22204  View Map

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This reports the status related to the Site Plan Review Process only (Administrative Regulations 4.1).   

About the Project 

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SPLN22-00007 (New Site Plan)

The applicant, Sunrise Senior Living, LLC, proposes the rezoning and demolition of an existing church building and vacant single-family house for the development of a new 4-story assisted living facility. The proposal consists of 99 units with approximately 96,291 square feet of residential gross floor area (1.06 FAR).

Additional project details include:

  • Rezoning from “R-5” One-Family and Restricted Two-Family Dwelling District and “R-6” One-Family Dwelling District to “S-D” Special Development District
  • The GLUP designation is Semi-Public and “Low” Residential (1-10 du/ac)
  • 99 assisted living units (120 bedrooms)
  • 53 parking spaces (0.44 spaces/bedroom)

Proposed modifications for:

  • Reduced residential parking ratio (0.50 spaces/bedroom required)
  • Front yard setback

Applicant Materials

Background Information

   Public Process

Timeline  Milestone / Meeting  Materials 
February 6, 2023


Site Plan Acceptance 
February 22, 2023  Site Plan Review Process Kick-Off  
March 20-30, 2023 

Online Engagement Opportunity 

Review focus: Land Use & Density, Site Design & Layout, Building Height, Form and Architecture, Transportation and Open Space & Landscaping


April 24, 2023

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Site Plan Review Committee (SPRC) Meeting (Hybrid) 

Agenda Topics: Land Use & Density; Site Design & Layout; Building Height, Form & Architecture; Open Space & Landscaping

June 22, 2023 

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Site Plan Review Committee (SPRC) Meeting (Hybrid)

Agenda Topics: Project Updates, Transportation, Green Building & Sustainability; Community Benefits

October 4, 2023  Planning Commission Meeting 
October 14, 2023  County Board Meeting 

*Process timelines are subject to change as needs arise. Check back for updates.