Thrifton Hill Park Renovation


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About the Project

A number of items are being proposed for the Thrifton Hill Park renovation, including invasive plant removal for five years, ADA accessibility improvements, pathway updates, new site furnishings, natural swales with boulders, replacement of bridges, other custom park elements and extensive planting (view presentation(PDF, 7MB)).

Project Goals:

  • Invasive plant removal
  • ADA accessibility improvements
  • New site furnishings
  • Replacement of bridges
  • Add native plants

About the Process

Click the drop downs below to explore the details and resources throughout the project process. A graphic timeline of the process can be found here.

Fall 2022 - Existing Conditions Feedback

Level of Engagement: Involve

Winter 2022/2023 - Final Design Feedback

Level of Engagement: Communicate

This project has been scoped with the Maywood Civic Association and approved unanimously by the MCA in Sept. 2022. This project proceeded to the fall funding round for the ANP and was part of a package of ANP projects being sent to the County Board for funding approval in Spring 2023.

Winter 2022/2023 - County Board Action

Level of Engagement- Communicate

Winter 2023/2024 - Design Begins

Winter 2024/2025 (Projected) - Construction Begins

Level of Engagement - Communicate

Fall 2025 (Projected) - Construction Ends

Level of Engagement - Communicate



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