Rosslyn Highlands Park Playground


1615 18th Street N., Arlington, VA 22201  View Map




Design Process Begins: 1st Quarter 2018

Design Process Ends: 1st Quarter 2019

Construction Begins: 1st Quarter 2021

Construction Ends: 3rd Quarter 2021

About the Project

The Rosslyn Highlands Park Playground is Complete! The Rosslyn Highlands Park Playground is one component of Rosslyn Highlands Park+ (RHP+). RHP+ will be a dynamic park in the heart of Rosslyn. The park is one component of an even bigger project that includes a new high school, residential and commercial development, as well as the construction of a new fire station.

In the fall of 2015, Arlington County worked with the community to develop a conceptual plan for a new Rosslyn Highlands Park and the other public spaces associated with the Western Rosslyn Area Plan (WRAPS). The RHP+ Coordinated Open Space Plan, which was adopted by the County Board in September of 2016 will guide the design and construction of the park spaces. Staff appreciates the many contributions made by community members and users of the park.

The Rosslyn Highlands Park Playground is located at the NE corner of 18th and Quinn Street on the site of the APAH-owned Queens Court Apartments.

About the Process

In 2017, Arlington County developed two conceptual plans for the design of the new playground and presented them at a community meeting and solicited feedback online. Based on the feedback gathered, the Department of Parks and Recreation has proceeded with Concept A, and have further refined the design to incorporate much of the great input received. For example, staff were able to adjust the design to fit in some additional swings and made sure to incorporate as much seating as possible.

You can review the final design in the image gallery below.    


Park Master Plan and developer or privately funded contributions.