Potomac Yard Landbay C- East - North Park Plaza


Along Potomac Avenue between 29th and 33rd Street South, Arlington, VA 22202,    View Map

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In Design

Design Process Begins: 4th Quarter 2021

Design Process Ends: 4th Quarter 2021

Construction Begins: TBD

Construction Ends: TBD

About the Project

Potomac Yard Land Bay C-East (Site Plan and PDSP #346) was approved by the County Board on June 15, 2021, as part of this site plan and per the Potomac Yards Design Guidelines, the developer will be building their portion of (Eastern Site) the North Park Plaza as envisioned.

The applicant worked closely with the community and staff to ensure that the new, proposed design for the east portion of the Plaza harmonizes with the existing, approved design by reducing hardscape, increased plantings, and incorporated more biophilic principles. Staff found that the proposed Plaza is consistent with the Design Guidelines and aligns more recent County efforts to increase biophilia. As part of the site plan conditions, (Condition 57 – North Park Plaza/Water Feature), the applicant proposed and agreed that if the fountain element is not feasible to implement, then the developer agrees to participate in one (1) community meeting, facilitated by the Department of Parks and Recreation, to obtain community feedback on any proposed alternative design prior to submitting a revised Final Landscape and Civil Engineering Plans.

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